Best tire brands for your cars during Winter

Best tire brands for your cars during Winter
Best tire brands for your cars during Winter

Best tire brands for your cars during winter.

Our selection will feature good options for winter car tires that are in demand and are a good choice for price and quality.

There are a huge number of different winter car tires on the market for any wallet, so choosing the best option for your car sometimes becomes another task . The right choice depends on many factors: the amount allocated for the purchase, and how cold and snowy the winter is in your area. There are universal tires, all-weather, but rather, they are not suitable for the northern regions and the central part of our vast.

The main parameters when choosing a good winter tire

Types of winter tires. Of course, in order not to regret the purchase and choose a worthy option, it is important to understand what tires are on the Russian market. Under certain weather conditions, each of the three types of winter tires will be the best in its class. For example, European tires are ideal for mild southern winters . They behave well on a clean road without loose snow, ice and in light frost conditions. Suitable for not very slippery surfaces, but more for thaw, when the driver often has to cover distances on wet roads. Not the best option for loose snow , as the traction is lost and the car can drive decently. If you live in a southern region in a big city where roads are often cleaned, this option will suit you perfectly. The next type isScandinavian winter tires. They are specially designed for the harsh northern winter, they perform well during icy conditions and are best suited for loose snow. Tires for decent frosts will show confident traction with the road surface, even when there is a decent layer of snow or a crust of ice on the pavement. Excellent grip with the coating is carried out due to the soft tread , which seems to stick to the snow crust. Well, the spike, beloved by many Russian car owners .This is far from universal, but rather a radical choice for the user, since in this case small metal spikes are embedded in the tread. They give incredible grip on the most slippery roads and with heavy ice, as they literally bite into such a coating. These tires are ideal for loose snow, thereby increasing the cross-country ability of your car. For a mild winter, studded tires are definitely not suitable , since at positive temperatures they do not have very good grip on asphalt, thereby affecting the controllability of the car.

Size of winter tires. As a rule, it is allowed to put tires on the car of the dimension indicated by the manufacturer. At the moment, many models are offered with several wheel options. There is no single answer to the question of which dimension is best for winter conditions, because a lot depends on weather conditions. For example, if you live in the North or in your regions there are pretty decent frosts and snowy winters, then there is an option to buy a tire with a smaller width, but with a larger profile. Tires are already able to controllably behave in ice , but it will be a pleasure to drive on even, clean asphalt with such tires. As for the warm mild winter, you can look at European tires of the same dimension as you had in summer.

These are the two main parameters that you should pay attention to when buying winter tires. Now let’s move on to specific models that are in great demand among the population, tested by thousands of motorists and receive a huge amount of positive comments from car owners.

Best tire brands for your cars during Winter

1. GOODYEAR Ultra Grip Ice 2

Opens our top best winter car tires option, which is gaining an incredible amount of user reviews and positive comments. Tires have won the love of motorists in many countries due to the optimal ratio of a loyal price tag and workmanship. Tires have excellent handling and quietness when driving.

They also boast predictability on the road, which is especially important for most drivers. They confidently behave on various kinds of surfaces: during thaw in ice, in light loose snow and clean asphalt. If you drive with these tires on ice in severe frosts (for example, from -20 and below), then braking efficiency may drop decently . But for a warm, mild winter, this option is the best fit: on freshly fallen snow, the tires behave predictably, brake confidently without skidding. On wet asphalt, they cling to the road surface perfectly. An excellent choice in the ratio of price tag and performance, very wear-resistant and durable.


  • Quiet tires, great handling.
  • High quality workmanship, wear resistance.
  • Good for moderate winters without severe frosts.
  • Choice of many users for price and workmanship.


  • Hernias may appear.
  • Not suitable for harsh winters.

2. Toyo Observe Ice-Freezer

These tires are more expensive than the previous ones, but you have to pay more for quality. Great tires for a mild, warm winter will give you a confident, predictable ride, but what else do you need? Very quiet tires are liked by many users for their durability, as the tires last for 5-7 years of active use. They hold the road well, are quiet, but can have a decent level of noise when braking or when the load increases (lateral drift).

Also, a fairly strong noise level can occur when driving on asphalt. A worthy version of our top is suitable for loose as well as rolled snow, they perfectly show their abilities in frost from -5 to -15 degrees. Excellent tires with unrivaled braking, decent directional stability, quick starts and confident flotation will serve you faithfully for many years, so we definitely recommend buying.


  • Predictability in all situations.
  • Great tires for mild southern or central winters.
  • Silent in the snow and on the wet track.
  • Confident ride, excellent directional stability, cross-country ability.


  • Noisy on the asphalt.
  • Great value.

3. Bridgestone Blizzak Revo GZ

These tires will be ideal for leisurely city driving and large cities where asphalt is constantly being cleared. Tires do not make noise during fast and slow driving, have a quiet smooth ride. They have decent directional stability, show themselves well in mild winters from 0 to -15 on a cleared road. Not very suitable for loose snow and heavy ice.

They can tan a little at temperatures below -15 degrees, the tires have a strong bead, they ride on dry asphalt as well as summer tires. They quickly pick up speed and brake perfectly on loose snow. They have a silent ride on dry and wet asphalt after rain. Drivers also note another decent bonus of these tires: low fuel consumption when driving at high speed. It is important to understand that you need to drive on ice with caution, and as for turns, it’s generally decent to slow down. Bridgestone studless tires excel in warm, mild winters, on a flat city road and a cleared track. For their money, they are a worthy option, you can also note a clear and bold exit from skids, which becomes another plus in the treasury of these tires.


  • Predictability in all situations (warm and mild winters).
  • Nice price tag.
  • A lot of positive comments from the owners.
  • They behave well in corners, successfully exit drifts.
  • For urban leisurely driving, it is difficult to find a better option for such a low price.


  • Wet braking is not the best.
  • Sensitive to rut.

4. Michelin X-Ice North 4

Good tires for the money are in great demand among the Russian population, mainly due to the quiet and smooth running, as well as the excellent behavior of the tires on the road during icy conditions and loose snow. Tires can float a little on pavement, especially when temperatures are rapidly approaching zero . Rubber is perfect for confident driving at medium speed on snowy roads, it is very quiet and has excellent handling, which becomes the main advantage of this version of our rating.

Tenacious, quiet, resilient and elastic tires are to the taste of many Russian consumers also due to the affordable price tag. They also behave well in frosts down to -20 degrees, they drive well and confidently at zero. Rubber perfectly holds the road, and decent directional stability is the first sign of a quality tire model. They hold the road perfectly, on packed snow they surprise with tenacity, and on freshly fallen snow they can row without problems. Silence, handling and confidence on the road with these tires are the reasons why users are willing to pay almost any money.


  • Predictable behavior on the road in a warm and mild winter.
  • Nice price tag.
  • Great for driving on freshly fallen and rolled snow.
  • Noiselessness at a decent level.


  • Can swim in warm weather.
  • They don’t drive well on icy pavement.

5. Cordiant Snow Cross

Cordiant Snow Cross is the most worthy choice of our selection in terms of price and quality, the tires will last a long time, are quite wear-resistant, and show good directional stability. Excellent tires for the money has good handling and predictability on the tracks and on city streets.

Soft tires hold the road perfectly, have excellent grip, which is the main reason for buying this model. Users especially like the fact that even with the most active and aggressive driving after the first season, all the studs are in place . For their money, they are a worthy option, you can also note a clear and bold exit from skids, which becomes another plus in the treasury of these tires. They make moderate noise, but at the same time they row perfectly in porridge. For their money, they become a confident participant in our rating, are in the top five, in our opinion, and gain hundreds of grateful user reviews. They show themselves well on a sharp start , they also brake well on a wet and snowy track.


  • accessibility for the majority.
  • Good road holding, directional stability.
  • The tires start great and stop great.
  • It rows porridge well, a minimum of slippage.


  • It’s pretty noisy.
  • Can sail in warm weather.

6. Tire Winter i*Pike RS2 W429

These tires are a controversial member of our top. Firstly, the excellent workmanship of the tires themselves puts them in a high place in the ranking of the best winter tires. Secondly, noiselessness during fast and slow driving is also a significant plus. But a decent braking distance on a snowy road and wet pavement is a significant minus, which can subsequently cause many problems. Users also emit a large number of spikes, which, after 2-3 seasons, remain in place almost to one.

The tires are great for warmer and more severe winters, they are excellent in handling, have perfect flotation and are able to row porridge. We recommend this option to those who like active driving on small off-road and speed on the highway (within reason). We do not recommend purchasing them for very warm weather and for city driving , since a decent braking distance on a wet road can be a source of big problems.


  • Affordability for most car owners.
  • Good handling, excellent behavior at speed.
  • Suitable for snowy and wet trails.
  • The spikes stay in place for a long time.


  • Decent stopping distance on wet roads.

7. Yokohama Ice Guard IG55

The Yokohama Ice Guard is a great tire from a well-known brand that handles the mush well and is suitable for light off-road use. Perfectly manifests itself on loose and fresh snow that has just fallen. It makes quite a lot of noise on a dry road, especially at speed, but this is a dubious drawback for powerful durable rubber, rather, a consequence of the above positive characteristics. Good tires for their money are perfect for those who are willing to pay only for quality and are not ready to overpay for unnecessary options. Rubber differs from many competitors in that it perfectly slows down on an icy road and does not float at speed.

He also moves confidently and boldly on the snow crust. Among the shortcomings, I would also like to highlight the fact that it is so soft that it can swim decently at high speed and at positive temperatures, it does not drive a car, but an experienced driver will immediately notice that the car seems to be losing predictability a little. And so, for your money, a very long-playing and cool option, so we definitely recommend it for purchase.


  • Nice price tag for high quality workmanship.
  • A lot of positive comments from the owners.
  • Perfectly behaves for a snow-covered road at speed.
  • Moderate noise.


  • Quite soft, can swim at high speed.
  • It makes a lot of noise.

8. GOODYEAR Ultra Grip Ice+

GOODYEAR Ultra Grip Ice+ is a quiet tire for the money, soft, comfortable, perfect for leisurely city driving, but also behaves perfectly on the track. Rubber also has several disadvantages: it is not very loyal to pits and small curbs, so this option is definitely not suitable for off-road. The tires hum at speed, but the sidewall protection present makes this option quite popular , especially when you consider the cost of 5,000 rubles.

Another small minus is the lack of longitudinal recesses in the tread, which will allow the tires to row not very successfully in loose snow. This rating option is definitely not the best in our top, but if you take into account the adequate cost, predictability on the roads, the absence of hernias even with long-term use of these tires, then the model definitely draws on a solid four. If you do not want to overpay and ride around the city a lot, and also occasionally drive long distances and do not like high speeds, this option may be the best buy of the season.


  • Nice price tag for high quality.
  • Lots of positive comments.
  • Value for money.
  • Hernias do not appear, soft and tenacious rubber.


  • They do not like holes and potholes.
  • Not for off-road.
  • Not for loose snow.

9 Nokian Tires Hakkapeliitta 8

Nokian Tires Hakkapeliitta breaks all records in terms of popularity and the presence of a huge number (thousands) of reviews from car owners on the network. Time-tested and a huge number of motorists tires perfectly cling to the road, ice, wet asphalt and many other surfaces. Tires can be called universal, they are perfect for small off-road, trails, city driving. They also behave well in frosts down to -20 degrees, they drive well and confidently at zero.

Rubber perfectly holds the road, and decent directional stability is the first sign of a quality tire model. The only drawback of this version of our top we would call decent noise, especially at speed, and we also highlight the fact that after the second or third season, spikes may begin to fall out. Confident driving with these tires in winter is a significant plus in the treasury of this option under consideration, so we can confidently recommend them to both novice drivers and experienced drivers.


  • Good handling, excellent behavior at speed.
  • Suitable for snowy and wet trails.
  • Tire versatility.
  • Excellent grip on the road.


  • High cost.
  • Spikes may fall out after a few seasons.
  • Very buzzing at speed.

10. Viatti Brina V-521

Perhaps the best option in our selection for the price. But it is about this rubber that one can say “cheap, but cheerful.” This option is definitely suitable for those who do not want to overpay for a brand and dubious characteristics. Quiet and durable tires are liked by users for their excellent grip, but they are definitely not suitable for heavy ice, especially covered with water. Ideal for moderate winters, they perform best at temperatures from -1 to -10 degrees. Soft and smooth rubber clings quite strongly to a slightly icy road and shows decent directional stability.

Rubber boasts not only a modest price tag, but also excellent braking on snow crust, and on wet pavement this braking improves significantly. The disadvantage of this option is excessive softness, so that you can catch hernias and punctures. Also, users note that the model does not hold ruts well, and this is quite a serious drawback. So, you can choose whether to save on security or not, but in general, the option is worthy of being mentioned in our top.


  • Very low cost availability for the mass consumer.
  • Excellent tires for winter in the central part of the country.
  • Silent on snow and ice, good braking on wet roads.
  • Confident ride, excellent directional stability, cross-country ability.


  • Sufficiently soft rubber, hernias and punctures may appear.
  • Holds rut ​​poorly.

11. Dunlop SP Winter Ice 03

Tires from a well-known brand are able to hold the road well, do an excellent job with rutting, but cost quite decently. Rubber will provide good grip on the road and the most slippery ice. It has a good confident quiet ride, has a rather soft structure. It contains approximately 180 spikes, which is quite a lot, they will provide maximum traction on the most slippery asphalt and snowy tracks. The spikes bite into the ice and row perfectly over loose porridge of snow and ice.

The model has a strong sidewall, hernias will not disturb the user even after prolonged use. Among the shortcomings, I would also like to highlight excessive softness, which at high speed can affect the fact that the car starts to swim. For their money, a very long-playing and cool option, so we definitely advise you to purchase, since these tires are like an icy road, that snow porridge and even spring slurry – nothing at all.


  • Good tires for your money.
  • It copes well with icy roads, snow crust and loose snow.
  • Lots of positive feedback from owners.
  • Grip with the road, including ice.


  • Can sometimes swim at speed and in snowy weather.
  • Handling on asphalt is good, on snow is also good so far.

12. Formula Ice

These decent tires belong to the middle price segment and have decent snow and slush flotation. Also, rubber boasts good handling, good braking properties on all types of surfaces, availability, low price for its quality. If you do not like fast driving, but you like a calm driving style, this version of our rating will be the best choice for you.

Rubber is perfect for confident driving at medium speeds around the city, very quiet, which becomes the main plus of this option in our rating, so reasonable savings are talking about Formula Ice. Tenacious and elastic tires are to the taste of many users, as they hold the road perfectly, on packed snow they surprise with tenacity, and on fresh snow they can paddle without problems. Silence and confidence on the road with these tires are the reasons why users are willing to pay for these tires.


  • Reasonable price tag, affordable for the masses.
  • Good handling, perfectly rowing porridge, they drive normally on a snowy track.
  • Great tires for your money.
  • A lot of positive user reviews, the spikes hold tight.


  • Not found.

13. Dunlop Winter Maxx WM02

Good and reliable tires made in Japan have a soft but confident ride. Tires at an affordable cost delight drivers with workmanship and durability. They will serve you for a very long time, about 5-7 seasons. Quiet, soft rubber is able to keep the track well, and this becomes a significant plus in the piggy bank of this model. A reliable option will not let you down in any situation, whether it is rain, heat, snow or sleet.

They also behave well in frosts down to -15 degrees, they drive well and confidently at zero. Rubber perfectly holds the road, and decent directional stability is a sign of a quality tire model. The only drawback of this option, we would call a noticeable noise, especially at speed. Confident driving with these tires in winter is a significant plus for Dunlop Winter Maxx , and the optimal price tag for such quality is a nice bonus when buying. So we can confidently recommend them to beginners and experienced professionals.


  • Good handling, excellent behavior at speed.
  • Versatility, many positive reviews.
  • Best price for quality workmanship.
  • They behave well on wet and slippery roads.


  • Not found.

14. KAMA Kama-Euro-519

Good inexpensive domestic tires hold the road perfectly and will be the best budget choice for those who do not want to spend money on expensive tires. Quiet tires will be an excellent choice for your money, as they hold the road well. But even such high-quality and at the same time inexpensive tires have a drawback – this is an increased consumption of gasoline. Drivers also note the fact that the car behaves quite confidently at a speed of about 90 km / h , everything above is already starting to wag. It behaves well even on ice covered with water, starts off quickly and brakes superbly.

Perfectly balanced too, no vibrations. If you like a measured ride on a flat, cleared track, this option is definitely for you. Also, if you drive carefully, without aggressiveness, Kama tires will become your reliable and safe companion in any situation. We recommend this option as a budget and high-quality model that fully justifies its cost.


  • Budgetary rating model.
  • Predictable behavior in all situations.
  • Excellent tires for winter in the central part of the country.
  • Quiet on snow and ice.


  • At speed, they can behave unpredictably.

15. Cordiant Polar SL

Cordiant Polar is an inexpensive model of our rating, closing it and costing only 3,500 rubles. Quiet tires have all the worthy characteristics and technical parameters to confidently place in our top on the last line. Tires row perfectly on slush, behave well on icy conditions, quickly start and accelerate, but at speed they can behave a little unpredictably.

They are distinguished by long-playing work and low noise, which puts them on a par with more expensive rating options. Increased gas mileage during rapid acceleration and at high speed is a distinctive feature and a big disadvantage of these tires. If you mainly drive around the city, where the roads are not quite conscientiously cleaned, then we recommend this option to you, it justifies its money by 100%. Also suitable for smooth roads, dry weather and rain. Tenacious, quiet, elastic tires are to the taste of many Russian consumers also due to the affordable price tag. The road holding is excellent, and the quietness, handling and confidence on the road with these tires are good reasons why users are willing to purchase this rating option again and again.


  • Predictable behavior on the road in a warm and mild winter.
  • Nice price tag.
  • Great for driving on fresh snow.
  • Lots of positive user reviews.


  • Not found.

We looked at decent tire options that are suitable for mild and more severe Russian winters. All of the listed rating models have been tested by consumers in our country and not only. In the ranking, options were selected with a low level of noise at speed, models with a confident ride on ice, and even those tires that ride well on loose snow and row porridge. It is up to you to decide what to focus on, but we have completed our task: we have selected options for different cases , whether it is snowy winters or a dry, mild off-season, as well as more versatile tires.

Let’s summarize our selection:

  • The best winter tires in terms of price and workmanship – GOODYEAR Ultra Grip Ice 2.
  • The best winter tires according to car enthusiasts are Nokian Tires Hakkapeliitta 8.
  • The best winter tires for harsh winters and light off-road are the Yokohama Ice Guard IG55.
  • The best winter tires for city driving are Dunlop Winter Maxx WM02.
  • The best winter studded tire is Dunlop SP Winter Ice 03.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, “Best tire brands for your cars during Winter”.

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