Best wiper blades choice for your car

Best wiper blades choice for your car
Best wiper blades choice for your car

Best wiper blades choice for your car or vehicle.

A high-quality view of the road and good visibility is the key to the safety of the driver behind the wheel. Attentiveness and concentration are certainly excellent traits for a driver. But if the windshield is polluted by the mud flows of oncoming cars or it is poured with heavy rain, then only these qualities will not be enough.

At such moments, wiper blades come to the rescue , or windshield wipers, affectionately called by the people.

Wipers come in a variety of designs. Plastic, rubber and metal inserts are used as materials for the manufacture of these devices.

In order to choose the best wiper kit, you need to consider the brand of your car and the quality of the materials. For each car, certain brushes are offered, so it will not work to install any.

Motorists recommend changing the wipers at least once a year. Even the best models are exposed to various weather conditions from crazy heat to piercing wind and cold, and sooner or later they fail.

Basic parameters when choosing Best wiper blades choice for your car.

Type of wiper blades

There are three types of brushes: frame, frameless and hybrid.

  • Frame brushes – a standard, classic version, which is a design consisting of a main frame and a rubber band. The frame is a rocker with a system of levers to control the density of pressing the rubber to the windshield of the car. These brushes are stiff, inexpensive, and hold the rubber band tightly.
  • Frameless brushes are a plastic or rubber base with metal inserts. They don’t have a frame. They are more expensive, but they have many advantages. On such brushes, frost is less formed. They have high aerodynamic properties and do not make noise. High quality glass cleaning in all weather conditions.
  • Hybrid brushes combine all the best features of the previous types. The basis is closed by the plastic case and densely adjoins to a surface. Universal model fits any car. Due to the low height, the brushes have excellent aerodynamic properties.

In addition to the main ones, you can now find winter brushes with heating on the market. Winter are designed for harsh winters with low temperatures and frequent snowfalls. To protect against moisture, the frame is covered with a special flexible shell. The rubber band is made from softer types of material, for better response and adjusting to low temperature fluctuations. In such wipers, the effectiveness of their work depends on the integrity of the shell. If damaged, they will soon fail.

Heated devices are also used in the winter season. Their design includes electrical wiring that produces heat. The inconvenience of this design is the additional load on the on-board network. The cost will be much higher. And you also need to have two sets, for winter and for summer, which is not always convenient for the driver.

Best wiper blades choice for your car

1. Bosch Aerotwin AR601S 600mm/400mm 2pcs

The rating of the best wiper blades opens Bosch Aerotwin AR601S. These brushes are frameless in their design. They form less frost and frost in the cold season. And due to its low height, it has good aerodynamic properties. The kit comes with 2 pcs. The length of the brushes is 60cm and 40cm, which are designed to be located opposite the driver’s and passenger’s seats, respectively. Hook attachment type.

The most common and versatile fastener. Designed for installation on the windshield. Can be used all year round and suitable for any season. It is recommended to change every year for effective glass cleaning. The wiper blades are made in a pleasant classic design. Installs quickly and easily. Do not make noise while driving.


  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Quality materials for manufacturing.
  • Service life up to a year.
  • Good aerodynamic properties.


  • May leave streaks if the mount is of poor quality.

2. DENSO DUR-065L 650mm 1pc

DENSO DUR-065L is a hybrid wiper blade type. This set contains 1 pc. 650 mm long. Designed to be placed on the windshield opposite the driver’s seat. Fastens with a hook quickly and easily. Hook sizes are 9 by 4, 9 by 3. It copes well with its functions, regardless of seasonality. Graphite tape coating provides wear resistance of the wiper.

The hybrid type of device is one of the most durable, as it combines the properties of frame and frameless devices. They clean glass well and do not make noise while driving. Based on customer reviews, most are satisfied and give a positive review, but there are those who are not satisfied with the quality of cleaning. The rating is quite high. The main thing is to make sure the originality of the Japanese manufacturer and install it correctly.


  • Hybrid type of brushes.
  • Quality construction.
  • They don’t make noise.
  • Graphite coating.


  • The cost is expensive.

3. Bosch Eco 40C 400 mm

The Bosch Eco 40C brushes are framed windshield wipers. The length is 40 cm. The anti-corrosion coating ensures the durability of the device. The metal base of the frame is resistant to destruction and exposure to bad weather conditions.

The shape of the wiper is designed in such a way that the lifting force during movement does not affect it. Operates silently at high speed. Warranty period is 1 year. Cleans well and leaves no streaks.


  • High quality metal construction.
  • Anti-corrosion coating.
  • Special brush shape.
  • They clean well and don’t make noise.


  • Streaks may remain if heavily soiled.

4. AVC Basic Line BL-26 650mm 1pc

AVC Basic Line BL-26 is a frameless type of wiper blades. Suitable for any season. The design uses innovative technologies that are used in the quality standards of foreign manufacturers. Due to the aerodynamic shape of the brush, there is a snug fit to the glass. This ensures the soundlessness of the device during the movement of vehicles. Suitable for mounting on the windshield to improve the driver’s view of the road.

Wiper length 65 cm cleans most of the glass well and does not leave streaks. Hook fastening is carried out quickly and simply. Modern materials that are used in the manufacture of wipers provide wear resistance and constant quality of glass cleaning in the car. The spoiler is asymmetrical. Graphite coating increases the strength of the product. The tape is made of rubber. Shelf life 1 year. It is recommended to use at a temperature not lower than -10 degrees.


  • Metal frame with anti-corrosion coating.
  • Aerodynamic shape in brushes.
  • They work silently.


  • Do not use at temperatures below 10 degrees.

5. Bosch Rear H281 280mm

Bosch Rear H281 wiper blade for rear window. It is a frame structure with levers and hinges. It cleans well from various contaminants, rainwater and snow. A tight fit is ensured by the shape of the device and the pressure of the frame.

Suitable for the following cars: Hyundai Solaris, Kia Soul, Suzuki Alto, Kia Rio and Sorento. The mounting type is special, so it will suit the listed car brands. Can be used at any time of the year. Missing spoiler and washer nozzle. Length 28 cm. Easy and simple to install.


  • Tight fit.
  • Rigid and durable frame.
  • Special type of attachment.


  • Leaves gaps at very low temperatures.

6. Heyner Hybrid (036000) 650 mm 1pc

Heyner Hybrid (036000) refers to hybrid wiper blades. This set contains one 65 cm long wiper. Designed for the windshield opposite the driver. Can be used in any season. The manufacturer guarantees wear resistance for a year and gives a guarantee for this period. Depending on how often you use the device in what weather conditions you live, the service life may be extended.

Hybrid wipers combine the characteristic advantages of frame and frameless wipers. They fit snugly to the surface and are protected by a special casing. Rigid fixation will not allow the brushes to buzz and ring at high speeds. There is a spoiler to improve aerodynamic properties. There is no wear sensor and washer nozzles. There is also no heating provided. Well cleaned from dirt and water.


  • Tight fit.
  • Durable frame.
  • The presence of a spoiler.


  • Not found.

7. GOODYEAR GY000524 600mm 1pc

GOODYEAR GY000524 600 mm combines the advantages of frame and frameless wipers. The frame tightly presses the device to the glass. It has good aerodynamic properties. Does not make noise while driving. The wiper is 60 cm long and fits perfectly on the windshield.

Such lengths are sufficient to ensure good visibility of the road traffic to the driver. Can be used at any time of the year. Attaches with a hook. Installation does not take much time and is easy and fast. There are no functions of heating and wear of the sensor. The janitor is executed in classical design and corresponds to the declared properties. Rubber band of high quality and reliability.


  • Clings tightly to the glass.
  • Good quality rubber and frame.
  • aerodynamic properties.


  • Not found.

8. Artway Al-400 400mm 1pc

Frameless wiper Artway Al-400 cleans the windshield at any time of the year. During rains or snowfalls, it will free up your view of the road. At speed, it does not creak and does not take off with the wind. It has good aerodynamic properties due to the spoiler. In the cold season, frost does not form on it.

In the event of snowfalls, it is easily cleared of snow and does not accumulate ice in itself. Suitable for various car brands. Length 40 cm. Fastened with a hook. Installs quickly and does not require special additional equipment. No wear sensor included. Inexpensive and high-quality glass cleaner.


  • Janitor cost.
  • Good aerodynamic properties in the brushes.
  • Do not creak while driving.


  • May leave streaks around the edges if used for a long time.

9. DENSO DU035L 350mm 1 pc

DENSO DU035L are designed to clean the rear window of a car. Refers to hydride type brushes. Length 35 cm. The device is well pressed against the glass. It is firmly located on the surface and does not take off during movement.

Installed with a hook. The hook has sizes 9/4 and 9/3. Leaves no streaks or streaks. The service life is about a year, with frequent use they may fail earlier. No additional sensors are provided. Quality construction and materials.


  • The quality of construction and materials.
  • Well cleaned.
  • Aerodynamic properties at a high level.


  • Not found.

10. Bosch Aerotwin A922S 500mm/500mm 2pcs

With Bosch Aerotwin A922S 500mm/500mm wipers, you will not be afraid of rain or snow. These devices clean the glass well from everyday dirt and improve the visibility of the road in adverse weather conditions. Bosch Aerotwin A922S are frameless brushes. They rise slightly above the level of the glass, so they do not make noise while driving.

In the cold season, they are easily cleared of snow and ice. The kit is equipped with two brushes of the same size 50 cm. Now it is common to use wipers of different sizes, longer for the driver. But the presence of one-size devices improves the quality of cleaning and coverage of a large area of ​​​​glass. Fastened with a side clip (Pinch Tab). The manufacturer guarantees a service life of 12 months.


  • Includes 2 wipers.
  • Cleans well and fits well.
  • Quality materials.
  • Quiet wipers.


  • Not found.

11. AVC Optimal Line OL-16 400mm 1pc

Brush AVC Optimal Line OL-16 is designed to clean the windshield of the car. Can be used at any time of the year. It is a representative of frameless devices. Frameless brushes are a plastic or rubber base with metal inserts without a frame.

There is less frost on them. They have high aerodynamic properties thanks to the spoiler and do not make noise. The length of the AVC Optimal Line is 400 mm. Type of fixture to glass – a hook. The graphite coating of the tape provides additional resistance to corrosion and adverse climatic conditions. At the end of the period, it is recommended to replace.


  • brush price.
  • Tight fit.
  • Graphite coating.


  • Not found.

12. Bosch Aerotwin AR22U 550mm

The frameless technology in Bosch Aerotwin AR22U brushes provides high aerodynamic properties. The set contains 1 pc. 55 cm long. It is used to clean the windshield of the car from dirt, dust, water and snow. A snug fit of the fixture to the surface is ensured by the special Evodium material.

It allows the elastic to precisely follow the curves of the glass. The pressure along the entire length of the brushes is uniform, so they better clean any dirt. Universal mount hook securely holds the device. In a moving car, Bosch Aerotwin AR22U does not make noise or squeaks. Warranty period and duration of service 12 months.


  • High-quality brush material Evodium.
  • Silent brush.
  • Cleans without streaks or streaks.


  • Brush cost.

13. SWF VisioFlex 119452 750mm/650mm 2pcs

SWF VisioFlex 119452 is a frameless design type. Used to place on the windshield. Comes with 2 pcs. 75 cm and 65 cm long, respectively. Presumably the first brush should be located opposite the driver’s seat, the second opposite the passenger. Suitable for Citroen C4, Citroen DS4, Peugeot 308, Ford S-Max car models.

Fastened with a button (Push Button). Drivers should be aware that there are no adapters included. Therefore, for other cars, mounting in such brushes may not be suitable. The elastic band is made of a soft type of material and is resistant to frost. They do a good job of cleaning the surface from various contaminants.


  • Brushes clean glass well.
  • Soft rubber.
  • Leaves no streaks.


  • Mounting button, for specific vehicles only.

14. Valeo First Multiconnection VFB40 400mm 1pc

Valeo First Multiconnection VFB40 is a frameless brush. Used to clean the windshield. The length of the fixture is 40 cm. The set includes 1 pc. During the movement does not creak and does not make noise. It is well cleared of adhering snow and ice.

Suitable for most car models: BMW, Chevrolet, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Volkswagen and others. Can be installed using four types of fasteners: hook, side clip, pin and button. Adapters are also provided for changing from one mount to another. The hook sizes are 9/3 and 9/4, and the dimensions of the side pin are 17 and 22 mm.


  • 4 types of fasteners for installing a wiper.
  • 4 adapters included.
  • Suitable for most car models.


  • Not found.

15. Valeo First Hybrid VFH60 600mm 1pc

The Valeo First Hybrid MAP60 brushes use a hybrid design principle. Placed on the windshield. It has the best characteristics of frame and frameless fixtures. Well clears a surface of dust, water and snow. A tight fit is ensured by a strong fixation of the case. The design is made of quality materials.

The 60 cm length covers a large area of ​​glass and helps to create an excellent view of the road. Attachment type – standard hook. Hook sizes 9/3 and 9/4. The manufacturer recommends using the device in the summer. The influence of low temperatures negatively affects the efficiency of work. Can be safely installed on the following car models: Citroen, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Lexus, Peugeot, Renault, Opel, Suzuki, Toyota. A spoiler is provided to improve aerodynamic properties.


  • Cleans well.
  • Aerodynamic brush.
  • Good design and materials of wiper blades.


  • Use only during the warm season.

16. SWF Original VisioFlex Set 119300 600mm/380mm 2pcs

The rating is completed by SWF Original VisioFlex frameless wipers. Designed to clean the windshield and improve visibility while driving in rain or snow. The set contains two pieces. For viewing from the driver’s side, a brush 60 cm long is used, for the passenger side – 38 cm. A side clip (Pinch Tab) is used for fastening.

Suitable for Nissan Qashqai models. For high-quality and effective cleaning, the design of the device is designed taking into account the curvature of the glass. There is an asymmetric spoiler, which provides excellent aerodynamic properties. The pressure along the entire length of the wipers is carried out evenly. Tight adhesion to the surface. There is a wear indicator, which ensures timely replacement and safety of the driver behind the wheel. High quality rubber is used for the belt. During the movement they do not make noise and do not take off.


  • Quality gum.
  • Wear indicator.
  • asymmetrical spoiler.
  • Even pressure and fit.
  • Silent wipers.


  • Suitable for Nissan Qashqai vehicles only.

How to choose Best wiper blades choice for your car.


Depending on the size and curvature of the windshield, different types of wipers are selected. In modern cars, the brushes opposite the driver’s and passenger’s seats differ in length. This is necessary to improve the visibility of the driver. Length in brushes starts from 30 cm and reaches 70 cm . You can choose brushes of the same size. The main condition is the maximum possible capture of the glass area for good cleaning.

It is recommended to select the length depending on the characteristics of your machine. But sometimes it is permissible to choose models a few centimeters larger. To do this, you need to assess whether there is a gap between the brush and the glass. And also view the area of ​​glass that each wiper captures. Is there still room left, you can choose a more authentic fixture. Consider the fact that it is better to take the windshield wipers as a set, then they will not touch each other during operation.

wiper mount

There are many types of wiper blade attachments: button, hook, side pin, side clip and bayonet lock.

The universal lock is a hook. It is most often used as a fastener. If you choose frameless brushes, it can be difficult to choose a fastener that will fit your car. But often in the kit there are different adapters that will help to fix the device on a leash to many types of fasteners.

In order to correctly select the wipers in accordance with the mount, when removing the old ones, you just need to look at how it was attached. And most likely in the new kit you will find an adapter that will help with installation.

rubber band material

Depending on the weather conditions in which you live, you need to consider what the tape is made of. Important characteristics are resistance to low temperatures and chemicals that are contained in the washer. For tapes use rubber or rubber.

The ranking of the best wiper blades is coming to an end. We have introduced you to the main characteristics that you should pay attention to when buying. Main criteria: type of construction, length, type of fastening. Also remember to make sure they fit your car model.

And now it remains to choose the leaders of the Top 16 and which models are best suited for your car.

  1. Best frameless wiper blades: Bosch Aerotwin AR22U 550mm and AVC Basic Line BL-26 650mm.
  2. Best hybrid wiper blades: GOODYEAR GY000524 600mm and DENSO DUR-065L 650mm.
  3. The best frame brushes: Bosch Eco 40C.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, Best wiper blades choice for your car.

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