How to prepare transcripts for university admission?

How to prepare transcripts for university admission?
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How to prepare transcripts for university admission?

Having started collecting documents for admission to a foreign university, you will almost certainly face the need to submit a document such as a “transcript”. Many applicants are perplexed by this requirement.

How to prepare transcripts for university admission?

What are transcripts? How to quickly and correctly prepare transcripts for submission to a foreign university? Find out from our article!

What is a transcript?

An academic transcript is a document from a previous institution listing subjects passed and grades. It is this document that testifies to the level of student performance and plays a crucial role in the consideration of his candidacy by the university’s admissions committee.

Transcripts can be of two main types – school and university. A school transcript is usually required for admission to an undergraduate degree at a foreign university, and a university transcript may be required for admission to a master’s degree.

Transcripts of these types should be tables indicating subjects and grades, as well as, in some cases, hours listened to, work performed and practice.

Below we will tell you how to properly prepare transcripts of both types …

How to prepare a transcript?

When choosing the type of transcript you need to submit, it is important to consider the level of study and requirements of the university you are applying to.

School transcript

The school transcript is needed for admission to the undergraduate program of almost all foreign educational institutions.

The classic school transcript is a table listing the subjects passed and their grades for grades 9-11, inclusive. Note that some universities require a transcript only for the last academic year.

In addition to the grades obtained, it is also recommended to display the GPA at the end of the table, which will more clearly show your overall academic level.

The original transcript must be in Russian and certified by the school’s seal. In most cases, the original will also need to be accompanied by an English translation of the transcript, which is usually signed by the translator and also certified by the school’s seal. In addition, in both cases, it is recommended to provide the contact details of the school representatives who certified the transcript.

At the request of the host university, you may also need to certify one or both (original and translated copy) of the transcript with a notary.

University transcript

A university transcript is usually required for admission to a master’s or doctoral program at a foreign university if you previously studied at a university in your country or in another foreign university.

The standard type of university transcript is similar to the school transcript and is a table listing subjects and grades.

However, it is worth considering that in the university transcript it is usually customary to additionally indicate the number of academic hours for each subject, as well as a list of credits, coursework and other works (with grades on them), the fact of internship or internship in the learning process.

Depending on the country and educational institution, the university transcript is certified by the dean’s office or student office of the university. As with the school transcript, the original university transcript in Russian will most likely need to be translated into English. Also, at the request of the host university, it may be necessary to certify the transcripts by a notary. 

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