International Scholarship: how to receive, how much they give in 2021

International Scholarship: how to receive, how much they give in 2021

International Scholarship: how to receive, how much they give in 2021.

A scholarship is one of the most important elements in a student’s studies. For some it is a nice bonus, for others it is a way of earning a living.

We know for sure that no one will remain indifferent to the scholarship. The one who loses it – bitterly regrets that he did not study, and the one who receives it for the first time – rejoices like a small child. This is what it is – the scholarship.

We decided to find out what the scholarship will be in 2021. We will also tell freshmen how to get it and increase it to the maximum amount.

Students who pass exams and term papers on time receive a scholarship. To do this, you need to make some effort, for example, go to all pairs.

You also need to get good grades. A triplet can deprive a student of a scholarship for an entire semester. Therefore, you need to retake it as soon as possible.

Students do not receive scholarships on a commercial basis. They have to pay for their own tuition. There is no reason to expect any encouragement from the state, even if a student is an excellent student in commerce. The only bonus is that you can transfer to a budget place after the second year. 

There are different types of scholarships. Some students will learn how they can receive different benefits at the same time and use this information.

Types of Academic Achievement Scholarships

So, there are several types of scholarships that are awarded for successful studies. Successful study means the closing of the sessions without “Cs”, on time passed coursework for “Cs” and “Cs”. The types of scholarships are divided by level and by the student’s accumulated points. And also by regions where the university is located.

Points are summed up for excellent studies, for activity in the events of the university, for sports performances, victories in various competitions and olympiads.

Let’s take a closer look at each type of scholarship.

 State Academic Scholarship (GAS)

The state academic scholarship in 2021 is equal to 1701 rubles. This is the minimum scholarship that a student receives if he has been admitted with fours for the exam.

There is an increased state scholarship, which is assigned to a student who has closed the session with excellent marks. It is 2200 rubles per month. The difference between minimum and maximum may seem small, but for students it is a significant increase.

Most full-time students receive only the minimum stipend. You can buy cereals on it for a month and eat them, which is, in principle, unrealistic. Therefore, most need constant support from their parents. If there are material difficulties for the student’s trustees, then you can submit a certificate to the dean’s office and receive more social benefits, but we will talk about them further.

 Increased State Academic Scholarship

The increased state scholarship is an incentive for students who are engaged in active creative or social activities at the university. These students are called activists. They participate in the student spring, launch faculty events and organize or participate in sports events.

Usually, such activists later take places in the trade union and begin to distribute awards and incentives to junior courses themselves.

Also, students who participate in student conferences, meetings and scientific events receive an increased scholarship. They are engaged in research activities and prepare papers for publication.

The amount of the increased state scholarship depends on the points scored by the student. The budget is distributed among activists and researchers through a competition. Often, in order to gain the necessary points for the PGAS, students pass the TRP standards. This brings additional points to the piggy bank.

The PGAS scholarship can be either 3000 rubles or 11 thousand. It all depends on the points scored for the manifestation of student activity and on the marks received for the exams during the session.

 Scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation

The scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation is assigned in the amount of 2200 rubles to 22 thousand rubles.

This scholarship is paid from the second year to students of priority areas for the country.

The minimum scholarship for students enrolled in the programs “Physics and Technology of Optical Communication”, as well as “Organization and Technology of Information Security” is assigned at 7,000 rubles. A complete list of destinations is indicated in this link .

To receive a scholarship from the President, you need to study without Cs with a predominance of “excellent” marks. In addition, one of the conditions must be fulfilled

  • Receive a grant for an invention and patent it under your own name
  • Win a prize at an international or all-Russian Olympiad
  • Speak at a scientific conference of international or all-Russian level

2200 rubles are received by students who have fulfilled the same conditions, but students are not in a priority direction.

22 thousand rubles are received by graduate students who have started a prospective research before the age of 35.

The scholarship is awarded to students upon completion of the competition. The universities themselves select outstanding students and send a request to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science for scholarships.

You can read the decree on the appointment of the Presidential Scholarship here .

RF Government Scholarship

The scholarship of the Russian government is 1400 rubles minimum, 5500 maximum. This is an alternative Presidential scholarship. A student can only receive one of them to choose from. A government scholarship can be awarded from the 3rd year.

The maximum scholarship is given to students in priority areas of economics.

If you would like to know more about the government scholarship you can read here .

 Regional Government Scholarship

Each region may award its own scholarship for students who have prepared a research paper or patented a development to improve the regional situation.

In most regions, 1.5-2 thousand rubles are prescribed. Each university posts information on the amount of the regional scholarship on the official website of the university.

Moscow and St. Petersburg Government Scholarship

A separate scholarship was allocated for students studying at state universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In Moscow, an increase to the basic scholarship is given to 4th year students who study in the leading areas of training. The amount of the scholarship is from 1000 rubles to 6500. More detailed information on payments for students of certain specialties can be found here .

Students of St. Petersburg universities can receive scholarships from the very first year. To do this, the freshman must have a certificate of distinction, a gold medal, and must also close the first session for the “five”. The direction of training students should be one of the priorities for the country or city.

 Personalized scholarships and grants

So, personal scholarships are awarded to a student who has distinguished himself in scientific activity. We have already named some of them, such as: Presidential, Government, Regional, Moscow and St. Petersburg scholarships. Most of them are assigned to students in priority areas of study.

Specialized personal scholarships are also assigned. They are called the most outstanding scientists who have made a breakthrough in their scientific field. Let’s name some of them

Scholarship to them. Likhacheva D.S. assigned to students in the areas of “Culturology”, “Philology”. In the amount of 5,000 rubles, the payment is received by the one who was able to write a research paper of the international level.

Scholarship to them. Solzhenitsyn A.I. are received by students who have earned her scientific work in the direction of “Philology”, “Political Science”, “Journalism”. The amount is 1,500 thousand rubles.

Scholarship to them. A.A. Voznesensky is intended for outstanding students in the areas of “Journalism”, “Literary creativity”, “Military journalism”. Its size is 1,500 thousand rubles.

A.A. Sobchak scholarship is 5000 rubles. It is paid to successful law students.

Scholarship to them. Gaidar E.T. paid to students of the Faculty of Economics in the amount of 1,500 rubles for research work.

Scholarship to them. Tumanova V.A. in the amount of 2,000 rubles for law students.

Primakov E.M. Scholarship assigned to outstanding economics students at MGIMO and Moscow State University. Its size is 5,000 rubles. 

The grant of the President of the Russian Federation is 20 thousand rubles is given to students who received a prize-winning place in competitions and Olympiads of the all-Russian and international level, entered the full-time department, and then were able to prove their abilities with “excellent” studies.

There are also additional premiums and grants that are issued by major banks. One of the most famous banks, Sberbank, supports talented students who win prizes in competitions. Lukoil, Rosgosstrakh, Alfa-Bank and many other companies are ready to celebrate outstanding students and invite them for an internship.

In each region and in each university, the amount of scholarships and their number may differ. Therefore, you need to go to the official website of the university in the documents section, where you will see all the necessary information. Also, the procedure for obtaining a scholarship is indicated in a separate document.

State social scholarship for students

The social stipend can also be increased and minimum. Eligible for a social scholarship are

  • Orphans and children left without parental care
  • Students who have lost the only one or two breadwinners at once during their studies
  • Disabled children of groups 1 and 2
  • Disabled persons injured during military service
  • War veterans
  • Students with a 3-year contract
  • Students who received radiation exposure after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

If the student provides appropriate arguments, then he may be assigned

  • One-time payment – its size is determined by a commission from teachers
  • Standard addition to the basic scholarship in the amount of 2700-3000 rubles
  • Increased social scholarship – students of 1-2 courses provided by the only parent with a disabled person of group 1 can count on state support not lower than the subsistence level
  • Support for a young family – a scholarship is paid for students who became parents during their studies, up to the 3rd birthday of the child

The amount of social benefits depends on the number of students in need of assistance. The amount of benefits cannot be lower than the minimum.

To receive a social scholarship, it is imperative to bring a supporting document to the dean’s office, according to which payments can be assigned.

Read the full list of benefits , as well as how you need to validate them at the university. The social scholarship is added to the academic one. It cannot be deprived, even if the student does not receive an academic. Social education can be obtained only in full-time education.

How to raise your scholarship

To increase the scholarship, you need to study well and publish your scientific work in electronic journals, collections of articles on the conference. Participation in conferences will also be awarded with diplomas and certificates.

You can actively advance in creative activity. Participation in student spring, faculty holidays, etc. will help the student to shine in front of the teachers and the dean.

Athletic successes and achievements will allow you to win concessions from teachers and an increased scholarship from the faculty.

The main thing is to study without Cs, then you can, thanks to your interests or additional skills, earn an increased reward.

Scholarships, Discounts and Incentives

Full-time students can count on not only scholarships, but also additional discounts and benefits.

Discounts are made by the air transport companies and Russian Railways. Students traveling by train are offered a 30% discount on compartment tickets. This is especially helpful if the student wishes to travel south on vacation. Bonuses for purchased tickets are also credited. When you accumulate a certain amount, you can buy a ticket for points.

Various student-oriented cafes give students a 15-25% discount. Most often, such places are found in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

If you have already bought a train ticket and are going to St. Petersburg, then remember one thing – always carry your student ID with you. Almost all museums of the cultural capital are free for full-time students. Also, if you want to go to the suburbs of St. Petersburg, to Tsarskoe Selo or Sestroretsk, to wet your feet in the Gulf of Finland – show your student at the box office when buying a train ticket. You will also get a discount.

For full-time students across Russia, commuter train fares are half the cost. But this is only for the period of study. During the holidays – the benefit stops working.

Thus, entering the full-time department is beneficial not only because of the budget , scholarships, but also because of the benefits.

When scholarships are denied

Scholarships can be revoked if a student gets a C for the exam. Also, some scholarships have a validity period. They need to be confirmed again. Like, for example, the President’s grant. It is valid for only two years, after which you need to re-confirm your knowledge and skills.

The social scholarship cannot expire. It is paid to the student throughout the entire period of study, regardless of grades.

How to submit your term paper on time

So that the student does not have problems with the scholarship, it is necessary not only to pass all the exams for “good” and “excellent”, but also to pass the term papers on time.

Usually, the supervisor does little to help the ward in the preparation of this type of work. Therefore, the student learns from the example of other coursework, borrows some phrases and paragraphs from the text, rolls up links from scientific sources.

We understand this approach, probably every student has used it at least once in his life. To pass the test for originality, all borrowed parts will have to be changed, rewritten in your own words.

Alternatively, you can encode the document using the Antiplagiat Killer program. On our website you can order a service to enhance the uniqueness . Document processing will hide all matches in the text in 1 minute. The anti-plagiarism checker will not be able to find matches and will show 80-90% originality. You can try the program and upgrade 2 pages for free .

This way, you will pass the test in the teaching system without too much worry. After all, the result is guaranteed to you.

In this article, you learned that a scholarship is a type of material aid and encouragement to students from the state. There are different types of scholarships, the amount of payments must be specified on the university website. Now get down to study so that you can pass exams and term papers on time.

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