Rundown of 15 cool Laptops for different purposes 2022

Rundown of 15 cool Laptops for different purposes 2022
Rundown of 15 cool Laptops for different purposes 2022

Rundown of 15 cool Laptops for different purposes 2022.

What should a modern user choose – a classic computer or a neat laptop? Many will choose the second option, and for good reason, since the laptop even looks more attractive, more compact, you can take it with you on trips , business trips, to work and study.

If you think that laptop screens are mostly small and not suitable for watching movies and TV shows, then this is not the case. There are many options on the market with a good diagonal. The impressive diagonal of the laptop will allow you to watch videos, movies and TV shows with comfort.

A laptop is not a replacement for a desktop computer, it is, let’s say, another gadget with characteristic features. Laptops are convenient to carry everywhere with you, which will be appreciated by users working on the go (businessmen, designers, journalists).

Today we will look at laptops in different categories. The type of laptops determines their functionality . In terms of functionality, they are like stationary computers and cope with everyday tasks : surfing the Internet, working with texts, graphic editors, browsers and even games (everything here depends on the filling of the device).

There are also so-called ultrabooks and netbooks . Outwardly, they can not be distinguished, especially for those who have not encountered them. Ultrabook performance is similar to a standard laptop, but it is distinguished by low weight. It will cost more on average due to its compactness, it is incredibly convenient to take it with you, carry it in a handbag and backpack of a man and a teenager. A netbook will be inferior in parameters to a laptop, but its price tag will be incredibly pleasing , basically such a device is taken to work on the Internet and with text files.

What to look for when choosing a laptop

Rundown of 15 cool Laptops for different purposes 2022:


First of all, we pay attention to the screen, because it is with it that we will spend the most time, and the picture quality should be at the highest level. The clearer and better the picture, the less tired your eyes will be , and it is more comfortable to work with such a screen. A particularly large high-quality screen is important in the work of video editors, designers, in general, where color reproduction and a palette of shades are important.

Screen size is an incredibly important parameter that determines the dimensions of your new gadget. The smallest and most compact netbooks are 11 inches in size and are about the size of a tablet, making them incredibly easy to carry. The average standard diagonals are 14 and 15.6 inches . They are optimal for work, study and watching TV shows, while they are convenient to take with you on the road, the average price is also good. Larger laptops (17.3 inches or larger)have their own charms: it is incredibly convenient to work on them, watch videos, photos, but you can’t call a mobile device any more. If you are buying such a laptop for home, then this is an ideal option, if you need a mobile gadget, it is better to stay on a more modest diagonal. If you work with graphics and want to see an impressive monitor , you should not look for the largest laptop, just choose a diagonal of 17.3 inches and use it in conjunction with an external monitor.

As for permission , start from personal needs. But remember that for simple communication and launching the weakest games, high performance is not required. In this case, the full potential of graphics will definitely not be used, but it will be in vain to pay for powerful equipment. A good screen resolution will be relevant for gamers, artists and graphic designers . It is from the resolution that the color reproduction, brightness, contrast and richness of the picture, as well as its naturalness and lack of graininess, will depend.

Laptops with a resolution of 1920×1080 (Full HD) are available from different manufacturers, are incredibly in demand today, as they are inexpensive and provide good image quality in any situation. Models with a resolution of 2560×1440 (2K) and 3840×2160 (4K) are suitable for connoisseurs of the best quality and realism. But you will have to pay for such parameters, high-resolution devices will cost an order of magnitude higher. There are options on the market with a very modest resolution: 1366 × 768 (HD) or 1600 × 900 (HD+). Suitable for home use or for beginners, as well as for grandparents, that is, those who do not care about the image, and who only want to communicate with relatives in classmates and occasionally watch videos.

Screen Matrix . The ultra-modern recommended IPS panel allows you to enjoy high-quality color reproduction in any situation, as well as wide viewing angles. It won’t harm your eyes with reasonable use of your laptop for a couple of hours a day and is the best choice by far. IPS matrix is ​​​​equipped not only with modern laptop screens, but also with smartphones. The modern and technological SVA matrix will give a contrasting image with bright colors.

Many people think that it is not very convenient to work with a laptop in the daylight on the street, but this is not so. Many people carry a laptop with them to work, which consists of moving and solving issues in the field. In this case, pay attention to the screen coverage and the maximum brightness of the backlight LEDs. The glossy screen type can give you a high contrast image with vibrant colors, but it tends to glare in bright artificial and natural light. For outdoor use, the matte finish screen is ideal . Manufacturers generally do not indicate the brightness margin of LED backlight in the technical specifications, and this parameter can only be assessed on the store counter.

If your activity is closely related to graphics or small text, choose a screen with a pixel density of about 200 ppi . There is no point in chasing a large parameter, since few people will see the difference between 200 ppi and 300 ppi at first glance, and the load on the video chip will be significant.

As for the screen refresh rate, there are a lot of myths and hype around this parameter , but in fact, 60 Hz is more than enough for work and home use. You can also choose screens with a 100Hz refresh rate, but this option will be more appreciated by gamers in fast-paced games. If you are not a gamer and know about modern toys only by hearsay, it makes no sense to choose a high screen refresh rate setting.


The processor is the heart of any laptop , it will determine the speed of your device, the operation of programs and overall performance. We pay special attention to the processor, no matter what you buy your laptop for: for work, study, surfing the net.

The newer the processor, the more stable and long the laptop will work, run the most modern games at high settings and, most importantly, slow down less and produce a minimum number of errors. A powerful chipset will pull resource applications and games, which will be especially appreciated by gamers and those who do not part with their gadget for work all day long.

There are 2 processor manufacturers on the market – AMD and Intel . Both brands today offer powerful solutions for everyday tasks and games.

Intel chipsets have series that are responsible for the performance and power of your device . The manufacturer’s most budget lines are Atom, Celeron and Pentium. More productive and in demand are Core i3 (for an unpretentious user), Core i5 (for most everyday tasks), Core i7, Core i9 (such chips are introduced into the most powerful premium laptops). In general, chipsets of the Core family are found in more powerful and expensive devices.

Knowledgeable users evaluate not only the processor line, but also characteristics such as clock speed, manufacturing process, energy efficiency and much more. It is difficult for a beginner to catch all the nuances, so we recommend looking at the generation of the processor and studying the Internet, reading the opinions of experts and owners of specific laptops. For home use (work, entertainment, study), we recommend choosing a laptop with a tenth generation Intel Core i5 chip .

If you need a good laptop for the office or for gaming, we are already looking at the Core i7 and i9 lines. The budget laptop will be equipped with a Core i3 chipset.

AMD Ryzen processors are also divided into different lines: Ryzen 3 for everyday simple tasks , such as surfing the net and chatting in instant messengers. Ryzen 5 chipsets are representatives of the middle price segment, preferred for most everyday tasks from surfing the net to working with office programs. Ryzen 7 is the CPU for photo, video and advanced gamers. Ryzen 9 are premium processors that can handle the toughest tasks. Models from AMD that were introduced to the market before 2018 should not be considered for the simple reason that their performance was then at a low level.

Video card and RAM

In laptops, as a rule, one can observe only an integrated video card or two video cards (integrated and discrete) . In the first option, the price tag pleases, which can be quite affordable for most. The energy efficiency of the device will also be at a decent level , but as for the performance indicators in the graphics, there may be a gap. The option without a discrete graphics card for workloads or gaming may not be suitable. A discrete graphics card is usually made by Nvidia or comes from AMD. The video chip also has a large number of parameters by which it must be selected, but only a specialist can figure it out. The amount of video memory should not be less than 4 GB.

The RAM stores information for high-speed access while working on a laptop. For example, if you are sitting at one browser, but you have several tabs open at the same time, it is the RAM that will be responsible for loading them and quickly accessing them. Now they offer laptops with 8 GB of RAM, which is ideal for comfortable stable work at home and in the office. Presented are premium laptops with 16 GB of RAM, which will be appreciated by gamers and users who work with energy-intensive heavy applications.

Accumulator battery

The autonomy of a laptop is usually directly related to the battery, but in fact, work without a power source depends on the speed of your gadget. If you do not plan to “show the world” to your device and plan to put it at home, then 4-6 hours without recharging is optimal . If you work in the field and take your laptop with you for couples, you should focus on high autonomy, namely, so that the gadget is not discharged during an eight-hour working day. Portable laptops for work or the office should easily withstand a total of at least 10 hours of battery life.

Dimensions and weight of the laptop

If you only need a home device for watching TV shows or playing games, then choose a large screen and do not look at the weight of the gadget, since you are not going to carry it in your bag all the time. If you need a device for business trips, you should look at ultrabooks that provide exactly the same performance at less weight. A metal laptop shell, of course, will be the most reliable, however, your gadget in this case will definitely gain weight, so think about whether you need a laptop that is strong, but so heavy to wear.

Today we’re going to take a look at the best laptops on the market in three categories: work, study, and play. We will consider options that are as powerful as possible, productive and at the same time belong to the middle price segment, accessible to the majority. We will definitely mention budget and premium models in each group, since we are read by a large audience, and we cannot bypass high-quality devices for different segments of the population.

Laptops for work should have a sufficient diagonal so that vision does not deteriorate . And if you are a designer, video editor or programming, then you definitely cannot do without a powerful processor and a high-quality large screen.

Devices for study should be compact so that schoolchildren and students can take them with them to lessons and couples. But at the same time, the device should not load applications and programs for a long time, but is designed to have a smart interface so that students and schoolchildren do not have to wait for presentations, text files, etc. to open for a long time. Speed ​​and compactness are the two main criteria for a laptop for the educational process.

Gaming models carry the most powerful chipsets and video cards. The RAM is also on the level here, but it will not be easy to take them with you on the road, as they are quite noisy and heavy. A powerful processor and video card require high-quality cooling and high energy consumption, so they will quickly discharge. Devices of this kind are not very suitable for field conditions, although they pull resource-intensive programs.

Laptops for work

Rundown of 15 cool Laptops for different purposes 2022.

1. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15.6 2019

This cutting-edge compact laptop weighs less than two kilograms and has an incredibly bright, juicy screen with good color reproduction. Users appreciate this device’s unprecedented performance in a small package, which makes this laptop worth the money. The sound quality is also pleasing, you can even hear pronounced bass from small speakers.

The manufacturer equipped this unit with a keyboard backlight, which makes it more comfortable to work both in the dark and in daylight, as it has a delicate glow. As for the touchpad, it is very comfortable to use and quickly responds to touch. The laconic minimalist design will appeal to most users.

The screen resolution is standard and familiar to everyone – 1920×1080 pixels. The Windows 10 Home operating system is very convenient and comfortable , has a clear and fast interface. You can choose a model with Core i 5 and Core i 7 processors, depending on your requests and personal preferences, respectively, and the cost will vary.

Average rating – 4.7

Average price – 92,000 rubles


  • Very laconic design without unnecessary elements.
  • Advanced powerful processor.
  • The amount of RAM is from 8 to 16 GB to choose from.
  • Good discrete graphics card NVIDIA GeForce MX250.
  • Incredible autonomy of 9 hours.
  • Keyboard backlight.
  • Webcam 1 MP.


  • High price.

2. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3″ 2019

This baby will suit you if you often travel on business trips and work in the field. It has a very modest screen size with a diagonal of 13.3 inches, but at the same time it gives excellent performance, exactly the same as its big brother.

It has a stylish design that most attracts users, in many ways a pleasant first impression is achieved due to the cool stylish metal case. The manufacturer offers a model with i7 8550U, 8 GB of RAM, which is suitable for work and everyday tasks. With these characteristics, you will be able to work with Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Premiere, as well as organize leisure activities.

The combination of an incredibly stylish design and a very affordable price for a good level of performance make this model worthy of our rating. The manufacturer has equipped the device with a keyboard backlight , which is simply an irreplaceable option. The screen has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, which will be more than enough for such a modest diagonal.

The only thing is, if your activity is related to photography, you may feel a lack of color reproduction, but working on a large monitor is much more convenient. And so, as a mobile option for business trips, you won’t find a better model .

Average rating – 4.7

Average price – 72,000 rubles


  • Stylish execution.
  • Reliable Chinese brand.
  • Metal case. 2
  • Keyboard backlight.
  • Demanded and popular model.
  • Autonomy 4-7 hours.
  • Excellent ultrabook for work and study.
  • Fast operating system Windows 10 Home.
  • Choice of Core i 5 or Core i 7 processor.


  • High cost.
  • The small screen is not for everyone.

3. ASUS ZenBook 14 UX434

ASUS ZenBook 14 UX 434 is an incredibly stylish performance ultrabook that combines power and compactness at the same time. A great option for work, study, business trips, which you will like primarily due to the stylish case. Has a resolution of 14-inch screen 1920x 1080 pixels.

The operating system is offered to choose from – Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro , for serious work tasks it is better, of course, to choose a model with the second option. This cutting-edge tech ultrabook offers a choice of processors: Core i 5 for lighter tasks and web surfing, Core i 7 for editors and video editing.

The amount of RAM can also be selected from 8 to 16 GB . The best IPS matrix will provide contrasting clear color reproduction and wide viewing angles.

The laptop comes with different screen finishes: glossy is more clear and recommended, but if your activity is travel and you spend a lot of time with the gadget on the street, then your choice is a matte finish. This laptop gives you unprecedented autonomy: you can work on it a full day and not be afraid that the device will run out of power in the process of performing work tasks.

Average rating – 4.7

Average price – from 86,000 rubles


  • Unprecedented autonomy from 10 to 12 hours.
  • Ultrabook is very compact.
  • Ideal for study and work.
  • There is a backlit keyboard.
  • You can choose a modification with a touch screen.
  • Good sound from speakers.
  • Metal case.
  • Webcam 1 MP.
  • The kit includes a cover.
  • The weight is just over one kilogram.


  • The small screen is not for everyone.
  • High cost.

4.Lenovo IdeaPad S145

The manufacturer brings to the market as a whole incredibly high-quality reliable and long-playing laptops at affordable prices. This device is no exception and pleases the owners with high autonomy, a pleasant price tag and a strong body. The incredibly popular model has won the love of users , and you will find many positive reviews for it on the net.

The manufacturer offers a screen resolution of 1366×768 or 1920×1080 pixels. You can also choose the diagonal – standard 15.6 or more compact 14 inches. A choice of operating systems Windows 10 Home or a modification without a pre-installed system is offered . As for the processor, you can choose more budgetary Core i 3, Ryzen 3 or the average price segment for gaming and performing serious work tasks with resource-intensive applications: Core i 5, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7.

The amount of RAM can only be selected from 4 to 8 GB, so if you work with heavy programs and want to play the most advanced games at high settings, it is better to choose a model with a large RAM.

The TN-matrix of the screen is not as bright as IPS, but it has a faster response at dynamic prices, which will be appreciated by avid gamers . An anti-reflective or matte screen is available to choose from, and many prefer the second option for its versatility.

Average rating – 4.5

Average price – 40500 rubles


  • The best rating option in combination of price and quality.
  • A decent choice for your money.
  • A trusted manufacturer.
  • Relatively light and compact.
  • Attractive appearance with thin bezels.
  • Good sound from speakers.
  • A lot of positive feedback on the model.
  • You can choose the option as the most budgetary, and more fancy.


  • The simplest processor configurations will not allow you to pull games and work with heavy programs.
  • Additional charges may apply for high-speed operation.

5. HP 17-ca2

Designed for work, this cutting-edge laptop comes in an attractive design. The famous brand produces good quality laptops for study and work, and this gadget is no exception.

A moderately large screen will be a guide to the world of entertainment and a variety of work programs. The relatively light model does not overheat even under heavy loads . The Windows 10 Home operating system is fast with a large number of tasks.

A good Ryzen 3 3250U processor runs at 2300 MHz. The amount of RAM can be selected from 4 to 8 GB. The model differs from many others with a large screen with a diagonal of 17.3 inches, which will allow you to watch movies and TV shows, as well as work comfortably with graphics. You can choose a resolution of 1600×900 or 1920×1080 pixels, for such a diagonal users take a large resolution so that there is no graininess.

The anti-glare screen is comfortable to use, the keyboard backlight is not provided. The medium resource battery has a capacity of 41 Wh and is able to work from 5 to 7 hours in an average measured mode.

Average rating – 4.5

Average price – 56900 rubles


  • Stylish performance and eye-catching design.
  • Comfortable keyboard.
  • Demanded model for office in the market.
  • Capacious battery.
  • Large screen with a diagonal of 17.3 inches.
  • Fast processor.


  • Not found.

Laptops for study

Rundown of 15 cool Laptops for different purposes 2022:

1. ASUS VivoBook 15 X512

ASUS VivoBook 15 X 512 is the best option for both study and work, as the device has a small mass in order to carry it and transport it over long distances. It differs from many competitors in quiet operation and a relatively affordable price for its optional.

Users note the absence of gaps and backlashes, the device does not creak and does not overheat, even during long work. The laptop has an excellent screen matrix and good viewing angles , which is a fundamental point when choosing a device for study. The resolution will be 1920x 1080 pixels.

You can choose the operating system Windows 10 Home or take the option without a pre-installed system, which is also advisable in order to save money. The manufacturer offers to assemble a powerful gaming unit with Core i 7 or Ryzen 7 processors or a more budget device with Core i3 or Ryzen 3 chips for beginners or rare moderate use.

As for RAM, the choice is large, from 4 to 12 GB, depending on your budget for a laptop and requirements for it. The screen matrix is ​​presented to choose from IPS or TN , the first option is better in any case, if you work a lot with a laptop, your eyes will not be so tired.

Average rating – 4.6

Average price – from 39,000 rubles


  • You can choose the configuration of the laptop for both gaming and work.
  • Stylish execution.
  • Optimal Diagonal.
  • Good resolution, bright colors.
  • Good autonomy of 5 hours.
  • Keyboard backlight in some configurations.
  • Good sound.


  • No metal case option.

2. ASUS VivoBook X 543

ASUS VivoBook X543 is a great option for students and schoolchildren, as well as for those who want to save a lot on buying a laptop. It has a low screen resolution of 1366×768 pixels , but this will be enough for a student who surfs the net, works with text files and communicates in instant messengers.

The Windows 10 Home operating system is characterized by speed and brisk operation of several programs open at the same time. The processors here are not premium, but quite affordable for the masses: Celeron, Core i 3, Core i 5, Pentium to choose from. The amount of RAM is from 4 to 8 GB. The TN-matrix of the screen is the parameter that the manufacturer has saved on, but for infrequent use of the gadget for several hours a day, the choice will be optimal.

There is a choice of anti-glare or matte screen , many prefer the second option, as it is good to work and study with in places where there is a lot of sun and light. Able to work for about 5 hours autonomously , after which it will need recharging, so calculate the operating time of the device if you forget the charger at home.

Average rating – 4.3

Average price – 40990 rubles


  • Demanded inexpensive model.
  • Lots of positive user reviews.
  • Pretty lightweight.
  • Value for money and build quality.
  • Famous brand.
  • Good screen size for work and study.


  • Thick screen bezels.
  • The design is mediocre.
  • There is no slot for RAM.

3. Prestigio SmartBook 141 C5

Prestigio SmartBook 141 C 5 is a very inexpensive model with a screen resolution of 1366x 768 pixels. If you have a goal to save money when buying a device for a schoolboy or student , choose this option, since it has a number of advantages over competitors for a higher cost.

The gadget is equipped with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 500 graphics card and Windows 10 Pro operating system, the latter is designed just for the work and educational process. A good 1100 MHz Celeron processor won’t give you high performance, but it works great when working with text.

With such a laptop, a student can easily make presentations, print essays and prepare for exams. The amount of RAM is sufficient for a student – 4 GB . The diagonal of the screen is optimal both for watching videos and for the educational process (14.1 inches).

A TN matrix will not provide the same color reproduction as IPS, but it will save money. It has a light weight and compact body, so that the user can carry it with him everywhere, it is also a great option for business trips and short trips.

Average rating – 4.1

Average price – 25,000 rubles


  • Inexpensive model.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • The 14.1-inch diagonal is ideal for the educational process.
  • Matte good screen.
  • Integrated Intel HD Graphics 500
  • Battery capacity 4800 mAh.
  • Good sound.
  • There is a 0.3 megapixel webcam.
  • Strong body.
  • Comfortable keyboard.
  • The best student laptop for the money.


  • Small RAM.
  • Difficulty with energy intensive applications.

4. ASUS VivoBook X540

ASUS VivoBook X540 is a relatively inexpensive option for schoolchildren and students. A good screen pleases with a diagonal and brightness. The color reproduction and viewing angles of this unit are better than many of the more sophisticated models.

The combination of cost and quality makes this gadget the most popular among students. The build quality is not very encouraging, but if you want to save a lot of money, the case is not something you should pay much attention to. The main thing is that the programs open quickly and the browser does not blunt, and in this the device will give odds to many competitors.

It works quite quietly and does not overheat, even during long work. The Windows 10 Home operating system in this laptop does not perform well, compared to the models presented above, it functions much more slowly. The diagonal of the screen is classic and will be 15.6 inches, this parameter is suitable for any task. The matrix, although TN, has a good overview and clarity without graininess.

Average rating – 4.2

Average price – from 37,000 rubles


  • Great price tag.
  • Reputed brand.
  • The combination of cost and quality.
  • Anti-glare or matte screen to choose from.
  • Doesn’t overheat and loads pages quickly.
  • Good sound from speakers.
  • Comfortable keyboard with smooth key travel.
  • Corporate technical support works with a bang.


  • One USB port.
  • The touchpad is inconvenient to use (perhaps a matter of habit).

5. HP 15-db1

This multifunctional and technological laptop will be the right choice for the student, as it has a fast work with programs open at the same time, which will be appreciated by users who value speed and responsiveness.

The Windows 10 Home operating system, combined with an advanced processor, will allow you to study, work and organize leisure on this laptop. The amount of RAM varies from 4 to 16 GB, you can choose this option depending on your budget and your preferences.

The diagonal of the screen is classic 15.6 inches, but the resolution is offered to choose from 1366×768 or 1920×1080 pixels . Screen matrices IPS or SVA, both options are good and look great, reflecting the richness of the palette of shades. If you often work on a laptop in the field, choose a matte or anti-glare screen, and if contrast and clarity are important to you, your choice should be glossy.

Average rating – 4.5

Average price – from 51,000 rubles


  • The famous brand of laptops for work and study.
  • Soft key travel.
  • Touchpad convenience.
  • Speed, response speed.
  • Anti-glare, glossy or matte screen to choose from.
  • You can choose a touch screen configuration.
  • Works from 7 to 10 hours depending on the configuration.
  • Webcam 0.3 MP.


  • No keyboard backlight.

Laptops for games

1.MSI GF75 Thin 9SCSR-452RU

The MSI GF 75 Thin 9SCSR -452RU is a true gaming laptop that is ideal for those who spend a lot of time in gaming battles and those who want to perform complex work tasks. The laptop has an incredibly stylish eye-pleasing design and, despite the powerful stuffing, compact size. And the beautiful branded logo of the red dragon distinguishes the laptop from competitors and makes it unique in its kind.

The model, as we have already said, conquers with its unprecedented design , and the 17-inch screen diagonal with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels gives even more pleasure. Users will appreciate the unprecedented frequency of 120 Hz, which will give you the ability to play heavy toys and still get a fast response. The advanced high-tech matrix GF 75 Thin 95C allows you to work with a bang with graphics , where the color reproduction of colors and all shades of the palette is so important.

Excellent performance is provided by 8 GB of RAM and a good fast processor . Especially gamers will be pleased with the cooling system, which works silently and allows the device not to overheat. Stylish beautiful modern laptop from a reliable brand will be appreciated by users who want to get the best from the gaming machine.

Average rating – 4.5

Average price – 87,000 rubles


  • Stylish laconic case with a corporate emblem.
  • Slim and lightweight.
  • Allows not only to play games, but also to work on it.
  • Incredibly productive.
  • It does not overheat, the cooling system is implemented with high quality.
  • Large 17″ screen.
  • Brightness and juiciness of the picture.
  • High refresh rate of 120Hz.


  • High cost.

2. Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop 2019

It is difficult to find flaws in the gaming device of the notorious Chinese brand for a cost of more than 100,000 rubles. It features an incredibly high-quality screen with good color reproduction and wide viewing angles, for which gamers choose it.

The matrix is ​​new advanced, it stands out among competitors with a good fast response. The model has an advanced cooling system that does not allow the case to overheat , even in many hours of battles. The conciseness of the case distinguishes this beautiful model from the background of others, and the severity of the lines distinguishes the device of this brand.

Users note a convenient touchpad, which is quite sensitive, but in moderation. The screen resolution is the usual 1920×1080 pixels , no graininess. The name, as it were, hints at the gaming orientation of the device, so for this price the laptop will be one of the best in its price category.

Average rating – 4.5

Average price – 104,000 rubles


  • Incredibly stylish and strict design.
  • Value for money and quality.
  • Famous brand.
  • Housing durability.
  • Fast matrix response.
  • Good resolution, optimal diagonal for study, work and games.
  • Core i 5, Core i 7 processors to choose from.
  • RAM can be selected from 8 to 16 GB.
  • Powerful, nimble and very fast.


  • Autonomy leaves much to be desired.

3.Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 15

The Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 15 stands out for its value for money and build quality. It is assembled very solidly, it has a powerful cooling system , so the case will definitely not overheat, even in serious games. Of the minuses, I would like to note its special soiling, since the matte surface of the case seems to attract fingerprints, dust and greasy components.

The screen is quite good, with a large margin of brightness, the frequency will be 60 Hz. The screen resolution will be 1920x 1080 pixels, you can choose the option without a pre-installed OS, which will save a couple of thousand. The gaming-oriented laptop has on board a high-quality technological Ryzen 7 processor and a choice of RAM (from 8 to 16 GB), which will give you the opportunity to play any games at serious graphics settings.

The screen diagonal is 15.6 inches familiar to many, the IPS screen matrix, it has a high contrast ratio and wide viewing angles. An anti-glare screen is practical in many situations, but can eat into brightness and contrast.

Average rating – 4.6

Average price – 70,000 rubles


  • Good quality gaming laptop.
  • Renowned trusted brand.
  • The cost is low.
  • An advanced graphics card will allow you to work with graphics.
  • Pretty stylish performance.
  • Successfully implemented cooling system.
  • Work speed.
  • Good assembly.


  • Very slick body.

4. ASUS TUF Gaming FX506

The body of the device will vary depending on the color. It is available in black and gray in our market. The shell of the unit is incredibly attractive, everything in it speaks of a gaming focus. The lid itself is quite strong, but relatively thin, it rises a little if you press it hard. The case is very durable, made of plastic under the metal.

The dimensions of this gadget allow you to take it with you on the road, travel or visit a friend to spend an evening playing games. Working with a laptop on your lap is quite comfortable, as the body is very balanced in terms of weight. The screen resolution will be 1920×1080 pixels, the matrix is ​​modern with a fast response.

In general, the picture is pleasant to the eye, there is no graininess and I don’t want to add brightness. The display is made using IPS technology and has an anti-reflective coating. The model stands out from the competition with minimal frames around the screen, but they are still there.

In the center on the top frame is a webcam, its resolution will be 1 megapixel, which will allow you to send your pictures to friends in instant messengers or communicate via video link with colleagues and relatives.

Average rating – 4.7

Average price – 138,000 rubles


  • Stylish execution of a game orientation.
  • Thin bezels around the screen.
  • Value for money.
  • Slim and lightweight.
  • Lots of reviews for this model.
  • Good screen brightness.
  • Anti-reflective screen coating.
  • Speed, performance.


  • Not found.

5.Lenovo Ideapad Gaming L340-15

Lenovo Ideapad Gaming L 340-15 is a good gaming laptop that will be a faithful assistant and guide to the world of games . The device has some shortcomings in the form of a not very convenient touchpad and a rather easily soiled case, but all this is easily covered, if we recall its cost of about 73,000 rubles for the most powerful stuffing.

The model has a large high-quality IPS screen. In general, everything is subject to this laptop: communication in social networks, and surfing the Internet, and games, and work, and all thanks to the good autonomy of the model, a fast processor and a good amount of RAM. Of the minuses, we note only 2 USB ports.

Average rating – 4.6

Average price – 73,000 rubles


  • Brand credibility.
  • High-quality screen with an advanced matrix.
  • Does not overheat, even after long work.
  • The usual screen diagonal of 15.6 inches with an IPS matrix.


  • Starts to overheat when working with graphics.
  • Only 2 USB ports.

Today we reviewed great laptops for work, school and play that are very popular and in demand. We hope that we helped you with the purchase of a decent laptop!

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