Scholarship for students in 2021: amount and types of payments

Scholarship for students in 2021: amount and types of payments
Scholarship for students in 2021: amount and types of payments

MOSCOW – RIA Novosti. The student scholarship is a measure of social support for students of colleges, technical schools, schools and higher educational institutions. About what its size in 2021 and how to get it – in the material of RIA Novosti.

Undergraduate Scholarship 2021

This type of social support is most often tied to student performance.“Scholarships are awarded to those who study on a budgetary basis, as well as graduate students, doctoral students, residents and assistant trainees,” lawyer Alexander Ivanov told RIA Novosti. – Such payments are regulated by Article 36 of the Law “On Education in the Russian Federation” and other regulations. This support measure is designed to stimulate the education of students in the chosen specialty, therefore, the more a student succeeds, the more funds he can receive in the form of state material assistance ”.

Eligibility for a scholarship

The academic scholarship is available to everyone who studies on a budgetary basis, does not have unsatisfactory grades and exams in previous sessions. At the same time, foreign students who study under the quotas of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education receive such a payment depending on their academic performance throughout their studies. Individuals who pay for their own full-time or part-time studies will not be able to receive an academic scholarship.

Scholarship in College, Technical School and Vocational School

The size of the scholarship in college and technical school is smaller than in higher education. Only those who study “good” and “excellent” can count on it. The minimum amount of such payment is 890 rubles. In addition, you can get a social stipend if a person is an orphan, as well as to persons who have lost both or a single parent during the period of study. The size of the state social scholarship is 936 rubles. For students receiving secondary vocational education, the payment of the government of the Russian Federation for good studies and research activities in the areas of modernization and technological development of the economy is available. Its size is 4,000 rubles. In a cadet school, you can receive a scholarship from 1,000 to 2,000 rubles per month.

University scholarships

Government scholarships are indexed every year, at or above inflation. So, last year they were increased by 4% on September 1.In higher educational institutions, in addition to academic and social scholarships, material assistance is available to students. Its size is usually at least 2,200 rubles, but universities can raise it. It is available for those who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

Types of scholarships

State academic scholarship

This payment is due to students who study on a budget on a full-time basis.

“The state academic scholarship is considered basic, according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science“ On the approval of the procedure for the appointment of the state academic scholarship, ”the lawyer explained. – Its minimum amount is about 1,500 rubles, although the management of the university has the right to increase the payment. To receive such a scholarship, it is necessary to pass the session with “good” or “excellent”, there should be no “tails” based on the results of intermediate attestations ”.

Social scholarship

A social scholarship is one of the types of state material support for certain categories of students. These include:

  • -orphans, children left without parental care, as well as persons who have lost both or a single parent during the period of study;
  • -disabled children, disabled since childhood, disabled of the first and second groups;
  • -disabled people who have received a military injury or illness as a result of military service;
  • -combat veterans;
  • -students who served under a contract for at least three years and left the service if their health deteriorated, the contract ended, etc.

“Moreover, if a student has lost one of his parents and receives a corresponding allowance, then such a scholarship can also be assigned to him,” the expert explained. – As a rule, the minimum payment amount is RUB 2,227. The list of documents and registration of material assistance depends on the basis for receiving it. For example, students with disabilities need to confirm its fact with a certificate, for orphans or children left without parents, documents from the registry office or a court decision may be required. “

RF President Scholarship

To receive such a scholarship, one must not only study well, but also engage in promising research activities, write scientific articles in reputable journals, etc. If a person is engaged in the areas of modernization of the Russian economy, then he can receive a payment in the amount of 22,800 rubles a month. It is given up to 35 years old. In addition, there are other fixed scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation for priority economic specialties – 7,000 rubles a month for students and 14,000 rubles a month for graduate students. In other areas, if a young person has outstanding success, is engaged in scientific activities, won all-Russian and international Olympiads, filed a patent for an invention, etc., he has access to 2,200 rubles a month and 4,500 rubles a month for graduate students.

Russian government scholarship

The scholarship of the government of the Russian Federation is considered an analogue of the presidential one, so the student cannot receive both. In this case, it is also necessary to study the priority areas of the economy for its modernization in the Russian Federation. If there are good grades, victories at the Olympiads, awards for the results of research work, publications in scientific publications, a grant for research work, a university student can receive 5,000 rubles, a graduate student – 10,000 rubles a month. For other specialties, the amount of the payment is 1,440 rubles and 3,600 rubles, respectively. As a rule, the leadership of the university nominates the best students who are in their third year and older for the government scholarship.

If a person is studying on a paid basis, he can still participate in various competitions for personal scholarships. For example, with high results in educational activities, participation in various conferences, olympiads, forums, gatherings, creative festivals, etc.

Moscow government scholarship

The Moscow government scholarship is 6,500 rubles a month; only state-funded students apply for it. Such a payment is given for one year to those who study in specialties important for the city, mostly technical. To get it, you need:

  • -for freshmen – to have a school medal “For special success in education”, established by the Moscow Mayor’s Office;
  • -for students of 2-4 courses – pass sessions without triples for the entire period of study and participate in socially significant events.

Governor’s scholarship

Governor’s scholarships for academic and social achievements and their size are set by the heads of the regions. Such payments are not available in all regions of Russia. For example, last year the Tyumen government suspended the payment, the amount of which was 12,000 rubles. Not all regions have such a large scholarship, it can be equal to 2,000, 3,000 rubles a month, depending on the decision of the authorities.

Personalized scholarships and grants

Grants from the President of Russia can be received by students who have won Olympiads, intellectual, creative, sports and other competitions. In this case, the right to such a payment will have to be confirmed annually. In addition, there are personal scholarships in various areas of study, which are established by the state, commercial organizations, foundations, etc. For example:

  • -scholarship named after V.I. Vernadsky. It is given to students who are engaged in environmental problems and the fuel and energy complex of Russia. Its size can be up to 15,000 rubles per month;
  • -scholarship named after A.A. Voznesensky. Assigned to students in the specialties “Literary Creativity”, “Journalism” and “Military Journalism”. It is awarded to only ten students;
  • scholarship of Vladimir Potanin. It is available to students of 75 Russian universities, in order to get it, you need to participate in a competition that takes place in two stages. The amount of the scholarship is 20,000 rubles per month;
  • -scholarship named after E.T. Gaidar. Students in economic areas can receive such a payment. The amount is 1,500 rubles. Also, only ten students can count on it;
  • -scholarship named after D.S. Likhachev. Available in the directions “Philology” and “Culturology”. To get it, you need to study perfectly well and engage in scientific activities. Size – 5000 throughout the year;
  • -scholarship named after A.A. Sobchak. Is 5000 rubles. It is reserved for law students. To do this, you need to receive an award for research, publish scientific articles, or win an Olympiad. There is also a scholarship named after V.A. Tumanov in the amount of 2,000 rubles a month;
  • -scholarship named after A.I. Solzhenitsyn. She was awarded for literary work or research on this topic. Size – 1500 rubles.

Increased scholarships

If a student is an excellent student, has achievements in research, social, sports or cultural and creative activities, then he can count on an increased payment. Its size is set by the management of the university. On average, these scholarships are more than 2,000 rubles. Conditions may also vary. For example, in some universities, an increased academic scholarship is given only in the third and fourth year.

Working student scholarship

Working students can also receive a scholarship, but not from the state, but from the employer. If a person is studying full-time, he has the opportunity to receive a grant, as well as some other benefits.

“For example, compensation for employees who combine work with higher education or secondary vocational education,” said Alexander Ivanov. “In this case, the person is paid for the hours of study in the amount of 50%, but not less than the minimum wage, they can compensate for the fare to the university or college.”

Company scholarships

Such scholarships are provided for by some Russian companies; the decision on their appointment is made by employers. For example, Yandex transfers this payment to students of technical faculties at the Higher School of Economics. But not all, but only those who distinguished themselves in their studies and scientific activities. In some cases, you will have to draw up a contract, which may require you to work for several years in the company or undergo an internship. If the student does not fulfill the conditions, then he will have to return the money received in the form of a scholarship.

Other scholarships

A number of universities also have their own scholarships. The amount of monetary support and the terms of appointment are determined by the university administration.

“There is an additional payment in higher educational institutions – a one-time financial aid,” the specialist added. – It is prescribed if a student finds himself in a difficult life situation, for example, has lost a loved one, needs treatment or medicine, as well as at the birth of a child. Usually students studying on a budgetary basis apply for it. The amount of the payment is determined by the university. To receive financial assistance, you must provide documents that confirm the right to it ”.

Scholarship size

The amount of the scholarship may differ depending on the university, but it cannot be lower than the amount set by the state – 1,484 rubles.

As a rule, the payment is based on the level of academic performance and, if the student is doing excellently, then his academic scholarship will be higher. On average in the country, the amount of the scholarship is about 3,500 rubles.

Minimum scholarship

In 2020, the minimum amount of an academic scholarship was 1,484 rubles per month. This year it is planned to be indexed by 3.7% from September. In addition, in the spring of 2021, a bill was introduced to the State Duma to increase the scholarship to a living wage, but earlier all such initiatives were rejected.

How to get a scholarship

To receive a social scholarship, you need to contact the dean’s office of a higher educational institution. Academic is usually awarded automatically based on the results of the session.

The documents

To receive a social scholarship, you must provide:

  • -personal statement of the student;
  • -a copy of the student’s passport;
  • -a certificate from the department of social protection of the population at the place of permanent residence.

Right to dispose of the scholarship

According to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation , upon reaching the age of 14, a person himself has the right to dispose of income, for example, a scholarship and other earnings, without the consent of his parents, adoptive parents or guardian.

Cancellation of scholarships

Scholarships can be deprived for unsatisfactory marks after passing exams, as well as in the presence of academic “tails”. Social payments will be deprived if the document confirming the right to material assistance has expired.

Taxation of scholarships

According to paragraph 11 of Art. 217 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, as well as letters of the Ministry of Finance of Russia dated December 19, 2018 No. 03-04-06 / 92694, “are not subject to personal income tax: scholarships for students, graduate students, residents and assistant trainees of organizations carrying out educational activities in basic professional educational programs ”.

Is the scholarship paid in summer?

– Yes, a scholarship can be obtained in the summer for successfully passed exams. It is charged for July and August. Some universities can do this in June in two months or already in the fall, ”answered lawyer Alexander Ivanov.

Is the scholarship paid for tuition fees?

– The scholarship for paid education is not paid, you can get it if you switch to a free basis. However, for example, the website of the Higher School of Economics states that “a commercial student has the right to participate in competitions for personal scholarships and foundation scholarships,” the specialist said.

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