Scholarships to study abroad for Russians

Scholarships to study abroad for Russians

Scholarships to study abroad for Russians.

Studying abroad is fun, fashionable and much more affordable than it seems. In the context of the current economic crisis, Russian students are increasingly choosing not only the familiar America and England, but also alternative countries of study, such as Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and other Asian states. Foreign universities in these countries offer high-quality English-language education at an affordable price, aimed specifically at foreign students from all over the world.

In addition, scholarships for study abroad are of particular importance today. Various university and external financial support programs help students to pursue their education and start a career internationally.

Scholarships to study abroad for Russians

In our article, we will tell you about interesting scholarships that are available to Russian students at three of the best universities in the Asia-Pacific region and Canada …

Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore

Education in Singapore is an excellent alternative to Western education, here you can get knowledge in various popular fields and a diploma that will be recognized in other countries. Singapore Management University (SMU) offers first-class programs for students studying law, business, management, finance and related disciplines.

The SMU School of Law is one of the university’s leading schools offering unique Master in Law (LLM) programs with a focus on Cross-Border Business and Asian Financial Law, as well as dual Master in Law programs in Singapore and London.

International students of SMU’s legal master’s programs have access to the Kwa Geok Choo Scholarship in the amount of $ 25,000, designed to pay for tuition, accommodation and purchase of study materials. Students of any nationality with excellent academic performance (minimum GPA 3.7), leadership and volunteer qualities can receive financial assistance.

Centennial College, Canada

If you are looking to pursue career-oriented training in Canada, Centennial College is popular with foreigners for its versatile and affordable study programs. On the basis of 5 campuses and 8 schools, university students study various disciplines, from business and communications to healthcare and hospitality. It also offers Foundation’s cutting edge academic preparation programs.

The International Student Academic Performance Scholarship is available for Russian college students , which is awarded on the basis of academic merit. International students with a high academic GPA (3.9-4.5) who successfully completed their college studies for 2 semesters can receive a scholarship.

Contact Centennil College for other academic opportunities for international students!

Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand opens up wide opportunities for foreigners. It offers quality education in the most relevant fields, including business, engineering and medicine, at a lower cost than in America and the UK.

Auckland University of Technology Business School is one of the leading modern educational institutions in the country and is included in the 5% of elite business schools in the world. In addition to MBA programs, it also offers certificate and diploma courses in business, undergraduate and research graduate programs. Students have access to various options for studying business, management, finance, marketing and other disciplines. 

The AUT Faculty of Business, Economics and Law provides international students with a range of scholarships at various academic levels. In particular, scholarships are offered to graduate and doctoral students pursuing Master of Business with Honors, Master of Laws, Master of Philosophy and Ph.D. degrees on a faculty basis. Financial support is offered only to full-time students with excellent academic performance (average “A”). Scholarships are awarded in the amount corresponding to the tuition fees for local students.

External New Zealand Government Scholarships – NZAID Scholarships and Doctorate Research Scholarships are also available to international students at the University .

Contact AUT to find out more about studying at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law for international students!

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