Study in Russia Scholarships for International Students in 2021

Study in Russia Scholarships for International Students in 2021

Study in Russia Scholarships for International Students in 2021.

Student scholarships are an important measure of social support for student youth. It is paid to students in schools, technical schools, colleges and higher educational institutions. These payments are guaranteed by Article 36 of the Federal Law “On Education in the Russian Federation” and other legal documents.

The scholarship is designed not only to provide material assistance, but also to stimulate students to study well. Therefore, the amount of the scholarship depends on your academic success. All students who have entered public places and do not have “tails” and unsatisfactory grades have the right to a state scholarship. Those who study for a fee do not receive a state scholarship, but they can apply for other types of material support.

What scholarships for students exist in Russia

There are many different scholarships for students in Russia. True, their size does not always allow counting on substantial material support. Government scholarships are indexed every year based on inflation.

Students can look forward to the following types of scholarships:

  • state academic;
  • social;
  • scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation;
  • RF Government scholarship;
  • Moscow Government scholarship;
  • governor’s scholarships;
  • personal scholarships;
  • company scholarships;
  • own scholarships of universities.

Scholarships in schools, technical schools, colleges

Scholarships in secondary specialized educational institutions are slightly lower than in universities. The minimum amount of an academic scholarship is 890 rubles. Students who have no arrears and study at “4” and “5” can apply for a scholarship. The size of the social state scholarship is 936 rubles. In a cadet school – 1-2 thousand rubles a month. The Russian government supports students studying in vocational technical schools in the areas of economic modernization – for them the scholarship is on average 4 thousand for good academic performance and engaging in research activities.

State academic scholarship

Its minimum size is 1.5 thousand rubles, but the university administration has the right to increase the scholarship. The state academic scholarship is basic and is designed for full-time students studying on a budget. To receive such a scholarship, a student must study at “good” and “excellent”. He also should not have debts on the results of the interim certification.

Social scholarship

Certain categories of students are especially in need of social support. A special scholarship has been established for them, the minimum amount of which is 2,227 rubles. A social scholarship can be counted on:

  • invalids from childhood, invalids of the first and second groups;
  • orphans, as well as persons who have lost their only or both parents during the period of study;
  • war veterans;
  • disabled people who have received an illness or a military injury during their military service;
  • students who have served under a contract for at least three years and left the service as a result of poor health.

Scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation

There are several types of presidential scholarships. All of them are awarded not only for good studies, but also for research and inventive activity. Typically, these scholarships are awarded for a full year.

If a student won international and All-Russian Olympiads, has a patent for an invention, is engaged in scientific work, he is paid 2,200 rubles a month. Young people who have chosen priority technical specialties (electronics, applied mathematics, software engineering and others) and have shown themselves in the best possible way can count on 7 thousand rubles a month. If a student is successfully engaged in one of the areas of modernization of the Russian economy, he can receive a scholarship of 22,800 rubles. These areas include information security, electronics and nanoelectronics, biotechnical systems and technologies, and others.

RF Government Scholarship

This type of scholarship is similar to the presidential one, so only one of the two can be applied for. When awarding government scholarships, areas of study related to the modernization of the Russian economy are especially encouraged. Students of priority areas can receive 5 thousand rubles for their outstanding scientific and educational merits. Students of other areas of study are in a less advantageous position: the payment to them is 1,440 rubles.

Moscow Government Scholarship

This scholarship is available only for students of the budgetary form of Moscow universities studying important specialties for the capital, mainly technical ones. The scholarship is paid for one year. Its size is 6,500 rubles per month. To receive a Moscow government scholarship, freshmen must have a school medal “For Special Achievements in Education”, which was established by the Moscow Mayor’s Office. Students of 2-4 courses should not have “triplets” for the entire period of study and actively participate in socially significant events.

Governor’s scholarship

Governor’s scholarships are awarded to students not only for academic excellence, but also for their social activities. Such scholarships are not available in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The 2021 Governor’s Scholarships are awarded in the following regions.

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