Updated: The Most Advanced MBA Programs

Updated: The Most Advanced MBA Programs

Updated: The Most Advanced MBA Programs

MBA study programs in Business Administration or Business Administration appeared at US universities as early as the 19th century to meet the need for highly educated managers. In the 20th century, MBA programs became popular in Europe, and today most universities around the world offer business training.  

MBA programs are especially popular among students of all nationalities today, because they open the doors to the world of international business for graduates.

The Most Advanced MBA Programs

We have compiled the Top 5 Universities in the World offering excellent MBA programs in a variety of specializations. Take your pick!

Emory University , USA

Program: MBA Master of Business Administration

Duration: 2 years

Cost: $ 46,000 (1,662,840 RUB / year)

Training in this program takes place on the basis of the Goizueta Business School and involves the full disclosure of the student’s professional potential. The school encourages students to leave their comfort zone and maximize leadership skills through intensive training and practice in general business administration.

An obligatory component of the educational process here is teamwork, which is as close as possible to the modern realities of the business industry and gives students invaluable professional experience.

Cardiff University, UK

Program : Business Administration MBA

Duration: 1 year

Cost: £ 18,660 ( RUB 1,131,684 / year)

The Cardiff University MBA program offers general training in business and management, as well as specializations in the following areas: accounting and finance, human resource management, international management, marketing strategy and logistics.

All students of the program take 12 compulsory courses, 3 elective courses, and also prepare individual business projects corresponding to the chosen specialization.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Program : Nanyang MBA – Master of Business Administration in International Business

Duration: 1 year

Cost: S $ 55,000 (1,590,639 RUB / year)

This specialized program equips students with the leadership qualities and skills necessary to develop the business industry regionally and internationally.

Focused on the field of international business, this program includes the study of disciplines such as: finance, market operations, trade, international investment and the specifics of doing international business.

Studying here is ideal for students planning to work in the business arena not only in Asia, but also in America and Europe.

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Program : Master of Business / MBA – Master of Business Administration

Duration: 2 years

Cost: A $ 16,200 (543,356 RUB / year)

This dual program provides general management knowledge, MBA skills, and a range of specializations in a variety of business disciplines. Through study in the MBA, students gain knowledge in various areas of business, learn strategic thinking, develop their managerial and leadership qualities.

Complemented by a standard master’s course, this program prepares graduates for leadership positions in the world’s largest organizations as managers and project managers.

Maastricht School of Management, Holland

Program : MBA – Master of Business Administration (International Business)

Duration: 1 year

Price: € 14,900 (721,744 RUB / year)

This program is internationally accredited and involves theoretical and practical training in management, as well as applied research. Managers from all over the world study here, which makes it possible for professional practice in an international and multicultural environment.

Students from over 25 countries study together here, creating a stimulating and progressive learning environment that helps develop leadership and teamwork skills.

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