Top five (5) Business Scholarships Abroad

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Top five (5) Business Scholarships Abroad.

Business and Management is the most popular university specialization among Russian students abroad. Unlike Russia and the CIS countries, this subject has been taught in the West for a very long time, so it is abroad that you can get the best education in the field of business, management, finance and related disciplines. 

If you are looking to study business abroad, you will surely be interested in business scholarships from top foreign universities!

Where Can I Get A Business Study Scholarship? What fellowship programs are offered? Find out from our article …

Top five (5) Business Scholarships Abroad

RMIT, Australia

Melbourne Royal University of Technology has been in existence for over 100 years and is one of the largest universities in Australia, teaching students from all over the world. Business education is one of the key at the university. Management, business, finance and economics are taught here by world-renowned scientists and professionals.

The university is renowned for providing broad scholarship and career opportunities for students. For example, a variety of scholarship programs are available to students studying business at RMIT at various levels. Let’s talk about a few scholarships …

The Bizify’s Startup Future Scholarship, which may vary in size, is available to undergraduate and graduate students in business and accounting. You can get a scholarship by presenting an interesting project of your startup. 

Dejan SEO Scholarship for Advancement and Innovation in Marketing of AUD $ 3,000 is also available for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. To get it, you need to have excellent academic records and study marketing or business with a specialization in SEO marketing.

Singapore Management University, Singapore

The School of Business is the premier school of the Singapore University of Management and teaches several thousand students annually. SMU is a relatively young university, but it is here that the most relevant programs in the field of management, business and management are offered in the country.

Business students at SMU at the undergraduate level are eligible for a $ 10,000 Glencore Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to second-year students with excellent academic performance and leadership qualities. Preference is given to students requiring financial support.

Also available is the Lee Kong Chian Scholars’ Program, which covers the tuition fees. The scholarship is available to the best undergraduate students of dual bachelor’s programs, with one of the specializations required to be in Business Management. You must also show your leadership and communication skills.

Foisie School of Business (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), USA

Foisi Business School , part of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, is ranked among America’s Best Business Schools. The educational institution offers high-quality career-oriented education at all levels in the field of economics, business, accounting and management. In addition, the university is aimed at fostering leadership qualities and skills in real enterprise management in modern conditions.

Through the Foisie Scholars Program, the school’s 10 students receive a full scholarship each year and a one-time payment of $ 5,000. Only the most academically successful, active and promising students of the school can receive the scholarship.

Sunway College KL, Malaysia

Sunway College is one of the most popular educational institutions in Malaysia among foreigners. The demand for the college is explained by the fact that here at an affordable price you can study according to the advanced programs of foreign partner universities or prepare for admission to one of the foreign universities. In the area of ​​business education, the college partnered with the University of Victoria, Australia, to offer an undergraduate and MBA program.

For twinning undergraduate students, Sunway College offers a special scholarship that covers 25% or 50% of the tuition fees. The amount of the scholarship depends on the academic merit of the student, in particular – on the results of STPM, Cambridge GCE A-Level, Australian Matriculation, Canadian Matriculation, UEC or IB.

St. John’s University, USA

St. John’s University is located in Queens, New York and is a popular private Catholic university. The university includes the prestigious business college The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, on the basis of which one can study accounting, business, economics, finance, management, marketing and other disciplines.

Students studying business management, marketing or accounting at the undergraduate or graduate level can expect to receive the $ 1,000 Izenda Embedded BI & Analytics Scholarship . To qualify for the scholarship, one must be an academically successful student and submit an analytical project and visualization to Izenda.

Financial support of $ 1,000 is also available through The Company Corporation’s Quarterly Business Plan Contest. To receive a grant, you must submit your business plan, which will impress the commission.

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