Top 10 Phone Headphones of 2022

Top 10 Phone Headphones of 2022
Top 10 Phone Headphones of 2022

Top 10 Phone Headphones of 2022.

The rapid improvement of mobile phones has led to the fact that they perform many functions, including multimedia devices. Most manufacturers immediately complete smartphones with a headset, but such gadgets are often of poor quality.

We decided to compile the top 10 earphones for phones that are popular in 2021 and 2022. Andrey Bulaev , the consultant of the Sotoservice store, helped us in writing the review.

The best wired phone headphones for sound quality Marshall Mode EQ

  • sound quality;
  • design;
  • volume, easy sound adjustment.

Nice black earbuds. Gold-plated letters “M” give a stylish look. They look very nice. The best wired headphones for your phone in review. Minijack 3.5 connector, therefore suitable for most smartphones, tablets, laptops. The connector is gold-plated, made at an angle of 90 degrees, this design protects the phone from damage.

The sound is very clear and loud. There is a control panel on the wire. With it, you can add or subtract sound, adjust the saturation of low and high frequencies. Have a microphone. It can be attached to the lapel with a clothespin. It turns out a complete headset. The sound quality of the Marshall Mode EQ is on par with wraparound or on-ear models. Suitable for playing games, chatting on the Internet and listening to music.

Recommended to anyone who wants to have the best smartphone headphones with a microphone.


Users like high-quality surround sound, appearance, ergonomics. There are complaints about thin ear pads. Over time, they crumple, especially if you listen to music while lying in the headphones.


  • appearance;
  • ergonomics;
  • volume;
  • separate bass and treble settings.


  • thin ear pads;
  • no cover.

The best budget headphones for the JBL T110 phone

  • low cost;
  • good sound;
  • quality microphone.

Inexpensive headphones with good sound for the phone for lovers of vacuum devices. They are equipped with a 3.5 mm mini-jack connector with an unusual 45-degree bend (90 degrees are usually done). The wire is 1.1 meters long, flat, “noodle” type, soft, easy to bend without kinks. On-wire control with 1 button. A device with a microphone. The best budget headphones for the phone in the top.

The sound is loud and of good quality. The speakers are loud due to the low resistance – only 16 ohms. They are quite suitable for listening to music, especially for those who do not have an ear for music.

I can advise people who are not ready to pay more than 1000 rubles for a miniature headset, but want to have good speakers to listen to music, talk on Skype, etc. But music lovers will not fit.


As with all budget devices, opinions about the JBL T110 are diametrically opposed. Some like the sound, good bass, loudness. Others claim that there is no bass at all. The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle. They also praise the soft, flexible wire.


  • volume;
  • control button;
  • the presence of a microphone;
  • good HF, MF;
  • reliable wire;
  • cheap.


  • do not hold well in the ears;
  • bass is weak.

The best wireless headphones for a smartphone with a good microphone Apple AirPods 2 MRXJ2

  • design;
  • high-quality sound;
  • long work.

Apple AirPods 2 MRXJ2 are supplied complete with headphones and a case. The cover is a white box with rounded corners. The box serves not only to store the device – it is a docking station. Headphones are inserted into sockets in which they are held by magnets. When the headphones are inserted into the jacks, the LED indicator lights up.

Flashing red – charging is in progress, if the green indicator lights up, it is complete. The station itself is charged with a cable with a proprietary Lightning connector. The earbuds can last a maximum of 5 hours, then after a 15-minute charge in the dock, another 3 hours minimum.

The device works via Bluetooth. Acoustics is not worse than wired options from Apple. Compared to any other Bluetooth devices, it is much better, including expensive models. No background or parasitic noise.

But for many, this crosses out one significant drawback – the headset is tailored for Apple products. It is quite suitable for Android, running on many smartphones, but the sound quality drops, clicks and background sound appear.

Designed for users of iPods and iPhones, the coolest headphones for these gadgets. Suitable for Android smartphones.


It is noted that in general, these are all the same Apple AirPods, but updated. The updated gadget has increased connection speed and range. Charging speed has also increased. The sound quality has not changed.


  • increased charging speed;
  • faster connection speed;
  • longer signal range;
  • design.


  • price (average 15 thousand rubles).

Which earbuds are best for your phone

When answering the question of how to choose good headphones for your phone, you should take into account a number of characteristics that you need to rely on. But the significance of each factor for a particular user will be different. For someone in the question of which headphones are better to choose for a phone, design is more important. For another, the sound quality or the presence of a microphone, etc.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that at the same time it will not be possible to achieve the best values ​​​​in terms of characteristics. Any choice is a compromise, in which some options will be better, others worse. Which headphones are better to choose is up to you to decide, but find out what you should pay attention to.

What are the parameters for selecting devices?

  • Design . The main types of headphones for the phone are overhead or earbuds. The latter are classic and vacuum. Which one to choose depends on the preferences of the user. Now the most popular are vacuum liners.
  • With or without microphone . It is better with a microphone – it will allow not only to listen, but also to fully communicate.
  • Sensitivity . Almost all smartphone speakers have it at 100 decibels, so you can not pay much attention to this parameter.
  • Frequency range . Full sound provides an interval of 15-22000 Hz. The declared value of 20–22000 should alert you – either there will be no bass, or highs.
  • Type . There are open, closed and semi-open. Closed ones have good sound insulation, but the acoustics are slightly worse. Open and semi-open sound better, but you can also hear what’s going on around you and others can hear what you’re listening to.
  • resistance . For telephone speakers, it can be from 16 to 35 ohms. The norm is 20–30 ohms.
  • Power . The optimum is 100 mW. They will be quite loud. Not every smartphone will pull higher power.
  • The coefficient of non-linear distortion . Good models at the level of 0.2-0.3%. For cheap devices, it is usually not indicated at all.
  • Connection type . Wired and wireless. What to choose depends on the person. Wired ones are usually cheaper and do not depend on the need for charging.
  • The best firms . Now even devices from little-known brands can be of good quality, but it is still better to choose among trusted brands. Among them we can mention: Samsung, Apple, Philips, JBL, Marshall, QCY, Xiaomi or others.

Apple EarPods (3.5 mm) for iPhone owners

As usual with Apple, the main difference between the device is design and quality. The earbuds are designed with the ear shell in mind, so they fit comfortably in the ears. Speakers with good sound, loud and pleasant. There is a remote control. With its help, the volume is adjusted, calls are received and ended. The headset is well protected from water and sweat.

There is a compatibility issue. For a normal remote control program, installation of special software is required, and it is only available for iPod.

Apple EarPods are suitable for iPhone owners who often listen to music, watch movies, talk on Skype and phone through headphones often and for a long time.


People find that the headset delivers great sound, the microphone is clear, and the earbuds don’t tire your ears after long periods of use. I like that they are durable. They complain about the need to wipe the mesh with hydrogen peroxide (otherwise the volume drops), about the wire, which begins to get tangled over time.


  • good sound;
  • convenient form of liners;
  • high volume;
  • quality microphone


  • compatibility issues;
  • the mesh of the ear cushions needs to be wiped frequently;
  • over time, the wire begins to deform.

Samsung EO-EG920 Fit – urban assistant

Inexpensive headphones with a good microphone for a nice white phone. Compact, comfortable. Differ in simple connection, volume control, call button on the wire. Very popular because they are compatible with almost all devices that have a 3.5 mm jack. Cable length – 1.2 m.

The sound is of high quality, you can listen to music at a bus stop, in a minibus, tram, in the subway – external noise does not interfere.

Samsung EO-EG920 Fit is suitable for those who travel a lot around the city in transport, run and play sports to the music.


Buyers like that they fit well in the ears, a long cable, ear pads in 3 sizes – you can choose to fit your ear. The sound is decent. That is why wired headphones for Samsung EO-EG920 Fit are included in the rating of the best. At the same time, there are reviews about the failure of one of the speakers.


  • good acoustics;
  • comfortable ear pads;
  • long cable.


  • defective ones can be caught, which will fail in 2–8 months.

Reliable and simple Sennheiser MX 170

Classic closed liners from a German brand, assembled in China, are not expensive, but of high quality. 3.5 mm mini jack connector, which makes the device universal. There is no microphone. There is no remote control – the volume will have to be adjusted on the smartphone. The package includes interchangeable ear pads.

Sennheiser MX 170 are durable and reliable headphones that can be carried right in your pocket without fear that something will break. The sound quality is balanced, the reproduction is good throughout the entire frequency spectrum, there are no dips.

Recommended for anyone who likes to listen to music from their phone in a way that does not disturb others and that external noise is not distracting.


Users consider good sound quality, reliability, workmanship as pluses. There are no particular shortcomings, except that there is no microphone and volume control.


  • price;
  • acoustic quality;
  • reliability.


  • no microphone;
  • no volume control.

QCY T1C is an inexpensive wireless option

Wireless headphones from a Chinese brand. Made in black with an interesting design. Supplied with a case containing the charging station. The earbuds themselves can work autonomously for up to 4 hours, together with the case – up to 20. The box is charged via the microUSB port. To do this, use the microUSB cable. Earbuds charge in 1 hour, case in 2.

QCY T1C fit well, but protrude from the ears – you can’t wear a hat. Suitable for running. The case does not have a lid – dust will get in. Limited button control on the earpiece. You can’t turn it up loud. Communication is kept securely, automatically connecting to a familiar device. The microphone is of average quality, in noisy places it will be hard to hear. The speakers are average in terms of acoustics, the bass dominates, the treble is inundated. However, it is quite normal for modern music, especially since the average price of a gadget is 2000 rubles.

Recommended for joggers and those who don’t like dangling wires.


Buyers are satisfied with the cost, design, comfortable fit in the ears – the ear pads do not fall out. The sound reviews are different, but most owners are satisfied. I do not like inexpensive materials, inconvenient one-button control and box design. There is no cover – the headphones will not fall out, they are on a magnet, but dust still gets in.


  • price;
  • secure fit;
  • sound quality;
  • protection against sweat and water.


  • cheap plastic;
  • the case does not have a lid;
  • limited control.

JBL E55BT Quincy Edition designed for music lovers

True over-ear headphones for your smartphone, lightweight and comfortable to wear. A godsend for those who don’t like plugs and inserts. Wireless headphones, the most powerful of all wireless options – the battery lasts for 20 hours.

Quincy Jones himself took part in their development, hence the name. The look is stylish. There are 2 options: black and pink. The headband and ear pads are all leather. The ear pads are soft but snug to the ears, creating good sound isolation and do not press.

The loudest headphones for a smartphone. JBL E55BT Quincy Edition does not distort the sound even at the maximum value. The control panel on the right earpiece, as well as the bluetooth power button. The plug is there. If desired, you can insert a cable, the headset will work as a wired one. Includes AUX cable and microUSB, the last one for charging.

There is a neoprene cover. The sound is gorgeous. No wonder they were created by the legendary composer and arranger. The acoustics are “sharpened” for modern music: classic rock, jazz, prog, folk, etc. Headphones are also the most durable – they are not scary to take on any trip or for a walk.

Suitable for fans of classic rock, jazz, folk, as well as all those who do not like headphones in the form of earplugs or earbuds.


Users like the workmanship, ergonomics, design, high-quality acoustics, not overpriced. There is dissatisfaction with poor soundproofing.


  • price;
  • appearance;
  • 20 hours of battery life;
  • the ability to work through a cable;
  • sound;
  • convenient management.


  • insufficient insulation.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds

In appearance, they are very similar to QCY T1C. The same black plugs, which are also enough for 4 hours of battery life. They turn on as soon as you take them out of the box with a lid. There is no cord for charging the box in the sales package, you need to buy it in addition. The materials are of high quality, good protection against moisture. Not everyone finds it comfortable to wear earbuds, but that’s okay. There are 3 pairs of ear pads, it is worth trying all of them to find a comfortable size.

The sound quality of Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds is evaluated in different ways: from enthusiastic to complete rejection. This is a device for talking, watching videos and modern compositions. You should not try to enjoy a chamber music concert in them. Use them in your narrow niche and they will show themselves well. Especially since the acoustics let us down with bass. Rock is weak. But modern pop sounds very good.

Recommended for fans of modern stage, those who find it inconvenient to unravel the wires.


Buyers note a good sound for little money, a stylish look, and excellent sound insulation. I do not like the complexity of synchronization: earbuds tend to sometimes connect to different sources.


  • inexpensive;
  • loud;
  • box with lid;
  • sound is good.


  • may fall out of the ears;
  • no charging cable included;
  • bass is weak;
  • there are problems with setup and synchronization.

Inexpensive, but high-quality Philips SHE3550

Miniature earbuds from the famous brand. Without control panel. But cheap and with good acoustics. They cannot be used as a headset – there is no microphone, but many do not need it – the owners answer through the phone itself. The 3.5 mm minijack connector makes the device universal: it can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, home computer. A wire length of 1.2 meters is more than enough. 3 sizes of inserts – this makes it possible to choose them exactly by size.

The sound of the Philips SHE3550 does not cause complaints over the entire range. There is support for 3D sound, so some users use them as gaming. The level of acoustics is very dependent on the sound source, so sometimes complaints about poor transmission are associated with the sound source, and not with the headphones. The same is with fragility – if you carry a gadget in your pocket even without a bag, then it will not last long. Although, taking into account the price, if in 1-2 years you need to buy new ones, it’s not scary.

A good option for those who prioritize functionality, and for little money. Convenient for athletes – they do not fall out when running and exercising on simulators.


Buyers like the price, good sound quality, versatility, compactness. There are complaints about the fragility – enough for 1 year, but this is more related to specific users. Just with an inexpensive thing and treated accordingly.


  • good acoustics, there is support for 3D sound;
  • adjustment to the size of the ear pads;
  • do not fall out when running;
  • universal connector;
  • low price.


  • some users only need a year.


There are quite a lot of options for headsets for the phone now. Before you buy for yourself, you should first decide what exactly you need. Those. to understand whether wireless ones are needed, or wired ones are enough, there are enough plugs or you want full-size ones. Also decide how you are going to use the device.

This will help you understand if you need a microphone, what sound quality to expect, etc. Based on your preferences and wishes, choose a specific model, based on reviews, reviews and specifications. This can help and our rating of headphones for smartphones.

According to its results, 3 leaders were revealed in different categories:

• Best wired sound quality Marshall Mode EQ . They have a beautiful design, excellent sound quality, convenient sound adjustment and control.

• The best budget JBL T110 , which perfectly combines low price and good sound. At the same time, they are not inferior in many respects to more expensive headsets – there are convenient controls and a microphone.

• The best wireless with a good microphone Apple AirPods 2 MRXJ2 . Unfortunately, like other Apple products, there is a compatibility issue. But still, these are the best wireless headphones in terms of wearing comfort, compactness, modern design, and autonomy.

Which headphones to take is up to the individual user to decide. The main thing is not to rely on price or advertising, but on a combination of features and how they meet your needs.

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