Top ranking universities based on graduate employment rate

Top ranking universities based on graduate employment rate

Top ranking European universities based on graduate employment rate.

Graduate Assistant Work in European Universities

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Where to study to become a sought-after professional abroad?

Getting a job quickly and successfully after graduation is the dream of almost every student. For this they go to study abroad, for the sake of this, parents are ready to spend money, and the students themselves – time and effort.

It is not surprising that foreign universities strive to provide students with support and prepare them as much as possible for future employment. And this support lies not only in high-quality teaching, but also in holding job fairs, professional workshops and seminars, meetings with employers, etc. The connections of universities with companies and businesses, which provide graduates with new opportunities, are very important in the modern world and provide universities with high positions in the rankings.

Wondering which university will best prepare you for your future career?

Especially for you, we have prepared a list of the 10 best universities in continental Europe by the level of employment of their graduates, according to the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2017 …

1. Ecole Polytechnique ParisTech ), France

Position in the global ranking: 6th place

As the only non-British European university in the Top 10 rankings, École Polytechnique Paris received the highest score for reputation among employers. The university has a high status, and all of its students pass a very strict selection. Thus, only the best professionals come out of ParisTech, perfectly prepared for the modern working conditions. In addition, the university cooperates with ParisTech Entrepreneurs Incubator , a structure that supports innovative start-ups of students, with the assistance of which several hundred companies have already been opened.

2. ETH Zurich Switzerland

Position in the global ranking: 16th place

The Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich also has an excellent reputation among employers around the world, confident in the level of training of local graduates. The history of this university is connected with the names of 21 Nobel laureates, including Albert Einstein and Wolfgang Pauli. ETH Zurich issues special grants to start-up entrepreneurs that allow them to develop various projects on the basis of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Laboratory.

3. Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Germany

Position in the global ranking: 20th place

The German Institute of Technology Karlsruhe is known for its extensive collaboration with employers, a number of partnerships and joint research projects. KIT offers its students to undergo professional practice in 30 different industries, and the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) helps future entrepreneurs in their development.

4. Technische Universit ä Darmstadt Germany

Position in the global ranking: 30th place

Another German university, the Technical University of Darmstadt , also boasts partnerships with companies around the world. Employment opportunities for university graduates are expanding through cooperation programs, global collaboration in research and employment. In addition, the university offers first-class career services that help the student find a suitable job and establish connections with employers in the region.

5. University of Navarra, Spain

Position in the global ranking: 37th place

The University of Navarra is the only Spanish university in our survey and one of the most recognized educational institutions in the country. He is also characterized by an extensive partnership and a professional reputation that has developed over the years. In pursuit of the career development of its students, the university has established its own Business Fund, which acts as a platform for communication between students and potential employers.

6. Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Position in the global ranking: 37th place

The aforementioned University of Navarra shares its position in the ranking with the Italian Technical University of Milan , which maintains unique partnerships with renowned global companies and brands. The university offers a range of international student exchange projects, allowing students to undertake academic and professional internships in other countries. The institution is also the recipient of a number of university graduate employment awards.

7. Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Position in the global ranking: 40th place

Founded back in 1829, Chalmers University of Technology boasts partnerships with companies such as Ericsson, Volvo and SKF. Considering the high level of teaching at the university, it is not surprising that its graduates are in great demand in these and many other companies. By the way, the university also boasts famous alumni, including inventor and Nobel laureate Niels Gustav Dahlen, famous Youtube vlogger from the PewDiePie channel Felix Kielberg and architect Margit Hull.

8. Technische Universität München ( TUM ), Germany

Position in the global ranking: 42nd place

The Munich Technical University is not only one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Germany, but also one of the best in terms of graduate employment. Imagine over 800 startups were created at this university over the past year! TUM does everything to support and promote the most daring ideas and projects of its students, bringing them to the international business arena through extensive professional partnerships.

9. RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Position in the global ranking: 44th place

TUM is followed by another well-known German university, the Rhine-Westphalian Technical University of Aachen , also included in the Top 50 in the global ranking. As the largest technical university in the country, RWTH maintains close ties with the professional sector, collaborating with companies in various fields. Representatives of local and foreign companies regularly visit the university, conducting all kinds of professional events, workshops and seminars. All of this, as well as career coaching and job fairs, are aimed at increasing the chances of graduates for successful employment.

10. Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Position in the global ranking: 47th place

Our review ends with one of the best technical universities in Holland – Delft University of Technology , also known as TU Delft. This university offers students top-notch and comprehensive preparation for their future careers, from helping in networking with employers to helping with resume writing. According to statistics, this is yielding results, because the level of employment of graduates of this university significantly exceeds the average level of employment in the country.

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